How to shut this up!

I’ve had enough of the negativity, and the notifications, I logged out, but I still receive notifications. How do I leave, so that I don’t have these downers? They/her wins, I don’t need this shit.

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What negativity are you talking about?

Hello @Dave_Dunn,
if you want to completely delete your account, try here:

It seems to be pretty quiet here at the moment.
I do not know why either. I also don’t know who or what upset you or if you are dissatisfied overall?

It would be a shame if you weren’t here in the forum anymore.

Maybe sleep on it a few more times.

Greetings from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Hi Dave @Dave_Dunn,

I agree with Astrid @AstridHandbikebee63 that it would be a shame if you left the forum. What exactly is or has been happening? Are these private/personal messages that are so upsetting?

Let us know and perhaps we can help. In any case, I hope that you stay.

– Slim


Hope everything is well.

If you’re having trouble with a member directly, I’d raise it with admin/@Luke

As others have said, your input and presence is valued, we’d prefer you to stay if you’re comfortable to


Negativity? I don’t look at this site every day, but if there’ve been downer postings I’ve missed them completely. Everything & everyone I’ve seen here has been for the better. Apparently, we have different systems 'cause I get no notifications, either. Hate to see someone drag up for lousy reasons. ---- Best, Trap