Howdy from Tennessee.

Just wanted to drop in and say “Howdy”. I’m a long time guitar/bass player who had to sell his instruments then found a Hohner Golden Melody that I’d have for years stuck back in a drawer. In a moment of musical desperation I got it out and started to play it and low and behold I all of a sudden could blow single notes. Something that I never could do in the years that I’ve owned it.
That put me on a buying and selling frenzy to get the “right” harmonica, went thru quite a few ended up with a couple that I liked and played a lot for about 3 months. Then, long story short, I had to have one of my cats put down because of feline leukemia and had a scare that the other two might have it, thank God they didn’t but losing that cat just kind of took all the joy out of my life and the wind out of my sails for playing harp.
Not played in about 10 months but I’d like to try and get motivated back into playing. I’m selling off most of my harps(at least the ones that are good enough to sell) and I’d like to pick up either a Lee Oskar Am Harmonic Minor harp or maybe a Hohner Educator 10 Chromatic. Just figure that something different from a standard Diatonic might motivate me back into playing.
I’ve always loved European/Yiddish/Gypsy/Greek style music so I think the Am L.O. would be a cool way to get back into playing but the Chromatic has always been enough of a mystery to me to make me want to try one and at $36 bucks and with good YouTube reviews the Hohner Educator 10 might be a pretty cool way to get into one for a very small investment.

Anyway, don’t mean to be so long winded,LOL, but just wanted to introduce myself to ya’ll.

Thats alright! The best of us have things to say!

I am pleased to meet you!

Best of Luck on your Harpin’ Journey!


Are you TN Frank from Harmonica Club? Live up around Cumberland?
Anyway Welcome to THE forum. Hope you decide to stick around and be part of the group.

Yep, that’s me Paul. :wink:

Good to see your still around! This forum is mostly Diatonic oriented, but everyone is welcome. Still lots of information available from Very friendly people here on all harps. So ask and dig around!

I’m not really sure which way I want to go yet. If I stay diatonic I’m getting Lee Oskars since they make harps in Harmonic Minor and I’d like something to play “Ethnic” stuff on. Then I can get a Major in A and C and between those 3 harps I think I can keep busy playing. I could pick up a Chromatic but all the ones in my price range are kind of “iffy” if ya’ know what I mean. The Swan 1040 is around $22 bucks, guess I could take a chance on one but for $3 bucks more I can get a L.O. Major from a place I saw on line and KNOW that I have a good harp.
After my Blues Band/Hot Metal deal I just don’t want to risk any cash on junk anymore,LOL.
Figure I’ll have around $80 bucks to spend, that’ll get me the 3 L.O.'s I’d like or maybe one decent Chromatic if I keep an eye on e-bay.

Howdy back at y’all from South Carolina.
Let me know how the Educator plays. I want a chromatic too but can’t afford the super chromonica I really want.


I ended up trading John a couple harps that I had for a Huang Cadet Chromatic and some Lee Oskar harps that he didn’t want. He was just going to give them to me but you know how us Southerners are, it’s just hard to take charity so I told him that I’d send him a Deuce and a Quarter and a Suzuki Harpmaster that I have in trade. That way I’ll feel better about the deal.
Can’t wait to get the Chromatic so I can see what all the fuss is about. Also, the L.O.'s are in Natural Minor and Harmonic Minor which should be fun.