Howdy from Texas!

I wanted to take a moment and say howdy to all you folks on here. I’ve had a harp for several months now. I started to play last year before Christmas some time for a few weeks and just kind of fell out of touch with it like a lot of people I tossed it in my junk drawer. I really liked the idea of learning how to play it and love the sound it makes when played. I can listen to someone play the harp it can be a simple song like Mary had a little lamb and it gives me goose bumps because of the sound. My main reason for playing was I needed a hobby, I became disabled in 2006 after a serious back injury that has taken my life in a different path. so I needed something that would allow me to be able to either sit or lay down to do. after years of trying different things such as knitting yes I now know how to knit. and other random hobbies none ever really appealed to me or would keep my attention long. I had always enjoyed listening to people play the harp and loved when they really could hit those notes for some reason it could get to me. that was one of those things I never thought about even trying to learn how to play even though I really enjoyed the sound. well last year I was searching the internet for a new hobby to try out when I came across a YouTube video with a guy playing the harp and my eyes light up and at that moment I knew what I wanted to try. A weeks worth of research on which kind to buy first and which note would be best for beginners I headed to the nearest music store. I ended up buying two a Blues Harp and a MarineBand M.Hohner both are Hohner models. all research I had done pointed to these two and said they would be the best option for me to start off with. and both in the C note. well after a few weeks of playing about 5-6 different children’s songs over and over, I had gotten to a point where I was trying to bend notes and got frustrated and stopped playing. I know it was early to try for me anyway. but I’m back I ordered the online collection videos and books in hopes JP will be able to help me learn how to be a better player. it wasn’t like I couldn’t bend the notes I could to that fine I just couldn’t bend a note then go on to playing other notes for some reason I would drop my jaw and would get all out of whack idk what the problem is. I dint want to give up on myself. I’ve spent 5 years dealing with daily pain and at times when I was playing the harp my pain didn’t feel so bad as long as I was playing. I live north of FortWorth area I’m still kind of new to the TX area I’m From TN born and raised I moved here because the neurosurgeons are better and my chances would be better for success. anyways I look forward to learning how to be a better player and who knows maybe a few years down the road have a normal life and a fixed back and no more pain :wink: thanks for your time.

Howdy! Welcome! Enjoy! Keep On Harpin’!

Well pull up a seat, pass the jug, and join our friendly circle!
Let’s get this straight, if yer from Tennessee you KNOW there ain’t no trees in texas! :smiley:
Next! I ain’t sayin you should change yore handle but The TennTexan has a nice ring to it!
Jus pokin fun at ya, newby! Welcome to the group!!!

Howdy Yourself!

Pleased to meet you!

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Texas? Great state!

Check out these lessons. They may help??!/

Howdy back, Mr. Texas Transplant. Just remember that most of the original Texicans were Tennesseeanseseses…whatever. I was bornededed a Texican, right near the Alamo for real, but my heart resides with the rest of me in sweet Carolina. I twernt borneded here, but I gotted here as fast as I could. BTW, there are plenty of trees in Texas. It just depends on what part you’re standing in at the time. There’s bayous and swamps to meadowlands and small mountains and even the arid areas (plenty…like where I did some milk slurping). There’s plenty of different trees in the eastern part, and cottonwoods everywhere else where there’s some water. The best things we’ve got though are little bitty things called sidewinders. The scorpions and tarantulas are pretty harmless, but don’t follow a sidewinder track in the sand.
Just follow JP’s course, and you won’t lose your jaw when you drop it. The course is entertaining and effective. I love my Marine Band, and I keep modifying it, but if you want a good harp to learn with and continue with at an advanced level, you might want to try a Hohner Special 20. It’s worry free, and with the plastic comb, you won’t have to worry about difficult cleaning and maintenance. You’ll hear us harping (oops) on this subject here a lot. There are plenty of great harps out there, and I love my Marine Bands, but neglected, the pear wood comb can crack (not easily though) and grow some pretty strange bacteria cultures inside (easily). Keep it clean and dry when not in use.
Hey, sorry for the book here, but I don’t get to get on much any more, so I’m going all out when I can.
I sure am glad you found us. I hope you love your harps as much as I do mine.