Howdy from the California High Desert

Hello to all. I’m Jim, some people still call me “Doc”, mostly my Marines who I served with as a Navy Hospital Corpsman. I’m new to playing the Harmonica, today I picked up a Lee Oskar Major Diatonic in C. My first Harmonica ;D
I’m mostly learning from YouTube instructional vids, along with some tips from my musician friends.
Thanks for having me.

BTW, I was the only Jim in my family (I’m the Third/III) who doesn’t know how to play not only any instruments but after two generations of Harmonica players, both my father & grandfather, I don’t play. I lent my dad my new Lee Oskar this evening and he said “Name a tune” and I thought I’d challenge him & said “When the Saints Come Marching In” and after around 15secs of playing around he then busted it out perfect with plenty of flavor. After I got done laughing he handed it back to me and said “Good sound, nice harp there.” So I have some well worn but big shoes to fill :slight_smile:

Well a HUGE SEMPER FI Doc!! My father retired from the Corps, tho personally, I think that’s just on paper cuz once a Marine ALWAYS a Marine!! He was a SSGT doing 2 tours in 'Nam.

Welcome from the frozen tundra of nw PA. New to the harp myself. Don’t think Ole JP is gonna be able to get this gal “Stage Ready” or close to it in 3 months like he says but that’s my fault not his. Stuck on single notes. Only way I can get them is either blocking holes with my tongue, or, when doing his deep mouth relaxation position, pinching my lower lip and hanging on for the slide. Otherwise, as soon as I let go of the lip, I’m blowing/drawing 2 holes if not 3. So I’m at a frustrating plateau and I think it’s because I don’t have teeth yet. Getting dentures and was supposed to get uppers and lowers by now but someone fubared in the dentist office because I had to call THEM to ask THEM if they were ever going to recheck my denture as it had been a month since I had the immediate uppers installed when they yanked all my teeth. They were supposed to do top AND bottom but they somehow didn’t understand I wanted to pay ALL of it at once since you have to pay in advance when you don’t have insurance (don’t let me go there!!).

Anyway, not gonna go there - this is your intro. Hoping you’re trying out JP’s Happy Harpin’ DVD/Online Lesson set. i’m doing pretty good with improv a lot of times, tho, if I’m to be honest, I off more than I’m on but I’m on, more than I used to be and even surprise myself when he’s got a jammin’ session part and he’s doing an exercise that I have down pat and I jam my own tune and it sounds good! That’s always a good feeling. I’ll get past the single hole issue - I think every newbie harper has that problem and if they don’t I wish I was them :slight_smile:

Welcome to the board and may all your questions be answered and your advice listened to!!

Semper Fi, Doc!

Harpin’ Doje AKA Jodi
Proud Daughter of a Vietnam vet!!

I’m also not doing so well with the single notes. Granted, it’s only been about 8hrs since I picked up my first harmonica so perhaps I should give it some time. & thanks for the warm welcome.

edit: I got a hold of some of JP’s older instructional vids, don’t know if you’re familiar with them. They include some “campfire” material, Playing Harmonica with a Sweet Soulful Sound, Harmonica core essentials, and Blues Harmonica 1-3, etc. Some pretty good stuff. Bending already & what sounds I’m making are pretty good, he’s got some great tips.

No, I wasn’t familiar with them - I’ll find 'em - bending is something I wanna do too more than just the singles!! :slight_smile: Thanks, Doc.

Wanted to say hi from yucca valley. I’m a new player and loving it. My nickname from childhood really fits playing T T BOO

Welcome T T BOO

Hoping to get more traffic goin in here. Too quiet for a bunch of harp players ;D

Doc you got any links for those lessons you were mentioning? I’m taking the Happy Harpin’ course but I’m always up for some other stuff :slight_smile: