Howdy from the Republic of Texas!

Just joined a few days ago and have really enjoyed reading through the threads!

Been playing harmonica since I was about 6, when my grandfather gave me a Marine Band, and found, to my delight, that I could get a somewhat recognizable “Oh Susanna” going on in the 1st couple of hours of messing with it. Been hooked ever since! 8)

About 50 years later, I’m still playing daily, and gigging 3-5X a week.


Glad I found this place. :slight_smile:

hey there…
i just got on this comunity.and i’m starting to enjoy it!!
i have been enjoying a tremolo 32 weekender harmonica…i got interested in your thread as “oh susanna” was one of the first melodies that came out of it when i first took it in my hands a couple of weeks ago!if you have any advice for a begginer like me, i would love to hear it!!
by the way, my name is Thanos and i am from Greece…so you know our musical background may differ…but i think i will get any advice i can!!
i hope to listen from you soon…thanx and cheers