Howdy-ho Neighbour

Hey there,

I bought a Blues Band off ebay in the key of C. It plays ‘well’ to my ears but one note I’m confused with is the 1draw. It sounds like a foghorn and I’m not sure if it’s supposed to do this.

There’s a link to me playing 1blow 1draw.

Does that sound right?


Hey TM40!
Try again holding your nose shut with your fingers.
Considering this happens on blow and draw, where you are
involving two different reeds, you may just be experiencing
the learning curve. LOL
Try this and post again. You could end up with harp issues,
but let’s try working on the player first.
Just curious, and I don’t want to offend, but do you mind if I
ask how much you paid for the harp on ebay?


Hi bugleboy,

If you’re talking about the audio going from loud to soft, I think that’s a software thing that my mic does.
I’m trying to figure if it’s giving out the right tone.

When I’m using a chromatic metronome when I blow 1 I get something like C, but it’s on the high end. It’s not near really C. It looks like it can drop to the ‘lower side’ of C#.

When I draw 1 I get pretty close to D.

440Hz is my calibration. – with my nose pinched

I bought it for dirt cheap. Considering asking for a refund because it doesn’t sound right, but I’d like a second opinion. ~$7 w/shipping.

I referred to your question about the odd sound you got from your harp.
Try the suggestion I made. I was being serious.
A new player isn’t going to be able (usually) to get great intonation
on the harp. Don’t worry too much right now. Practice the embouchure
that JP suggests; relaxed deep mouth position. Don’t force the sound.
Just breath through the harmonica, both blow and draw. The sound rides
on your breath, not breath pressure. All forcing will do is kill reeds.
If you pick up another harp, go with a new Special 20 or Golden Melody
(or of course any of the other better manufacturers quality lines). It doesn’t
have to be a “professional” model, but with the $5.00 harps, you get what you
pay for: very little.
Remember that your harp can play sharp or flat depending on the breath pressure
you use.
Beginners have trouble getting proper tones on expensive chromatic harmonicas too,
that’s why I suggest making sure it’s not just technique before you buy more harps.
It will all come with good relaxed practice.


Yeah I figured I’d start with a bluesband and move on up. I didn’t think I’d fall in love with a harmonica this quickly.

Did you try the nose holding trick? Sometimes that tells
if it’s the technique or the harmonica.
IMHO though, you won’t be sorry for moving up to a better
instrument. When you get really comfortable with playing,
you’ll be able to make virtually any harp play properly, but
some will still not be as comfortable to play.
Just keep having fun, even on the BluesBand. It will get you
farther down the road. Just don’t let a difficult harp frustrate
you into tossing the harmonica dream.


Yeah, in my second post I linked a ‘nose pinching’ sound clip.

Sorry TM40, in my haste I missed that.
I’m back. You could have a reed problem.
You certainly won’t be sorry if you get a NEW Golden Melody
or SP20 (or other quality harp) for your start up.
Unless one has the know-how and desire to open up a harmonica
and do open harp surgery, I would stay away from used harmonicas.
I buy them all the time to get the old models, but then I modify them
after a good thorough cleaning. I like the old model GM’s aND SP 20’s.