Im new here thought i would stop in and say Hi post a video and check this place out.Im hobostubs im a down on his luck song writer with the blues :slight_smile: I play guitar and harmonica im trying to learn something all the time with them (hopefully)

A utube video i just made thanks
I got a Go.wmv

Damn! love that guitar sound!!! Chris

It’s going on 5 AM here and I’m still up! :-\

Your psychedelic cowboy vid brought flashbacks I never remembered until now! :o

Don’t know whether to thank you or… ???

Methinks once I come back down…I’ll be playing your vid over again! :wink:

So I’ll say thanks, Hobo! And welcome to the club!! :smiley:

Lol you guys are funny , thanks

Another Classic form Mr. Stubs and his Spit Personality Band. I meant split :wink:

Great Job Hobo,

Harp On!!

thanks Joe

Cool vid, hobostubs :wink:

thanks hotrod

Love the cigar box guitar! Rock on.

me, i still like sitting here enjoying my psychedelic flashback trips, and that “Brewski” tee! ;D

rock on dude rock on! yeah! 8)

thanks I guess i might though another one one i have a ton of em some good some suck lol

huh, what?! ::slight_smile:

geez, like i thought i’m the only one on this flashback “road” trip…but yeah, the more the merrier i always say! mwuahahahhahahaha!!!

Hey Hobo good to hear your sound again.

Was at a market this morning and a guy was there who makes and sells 3 string cigar box guitars. They cost from A$495 which is about $450US! I didn’t buy one but was curious. The guy could really play them.

hey 3 string CbG’s are comming back in style:-) nice to hear from you David.

Wow! Loved it.

Cirgar Box guitar with soul.

I like the video effects too.


thanks JP this forum sure is friendly

Hey hobostubs man…I love the sound of your guitar! Awesome!! :slight_smile:

  • Ashish

thanks Ashish