Hi, everyone!
I guess I’m just going to “slip in the back door” here, but just wanted to post a little intro so as not to just show up asking questions about harmonica cleaning/repair. I’ve been playing (really playing–not just blowing into a harp and wondering why it never sounded right no matter how hard I’d blow into it) since this past December, and started playing because I wanted to accompany myself on guitar.
I’m mostly here to get some answers to some maintenance questions that I’ve been having trouble finding elsewhere, and it seemed like this was a good place to get some different, experienced opinions. So, thanks in advance for the help, guys!


Well you slipped in the back door…hope it wasn’t painful! Me, I didn’t feel a thing! Hehehe!

Since you don’t say what about maintenance you’re looking for…

Take a gander through our threads/discussions on the subjects and let us know if anything suits your fancy…

Oh, and you can go through the front door to get there!


Keep On Harpin’!

Pleased to meet you!

Best of Luck!

Peace Out!


Howdy Mr Flatpicker. You’ll enjoy our family I’m sure.


BB, you crack me up!

How do you know the sex of a chicken egg?

I usually wait until it hatches and either clucks or goes cock-a-doodle do!

How do you know the sex of a new member?

She posted it in her profile!


That’s alright, BB. Thanks for the welcome, anyway!
Your avatar’s hysterical, by the way. :smiley:

Hey Flatpicker,
Welcome to the forum. Glad your here.


Thanks, JP! Your DVDs were great!

Ain’t they though?! Hehehee!!!

Keep On Harpin’!

I gotta say, this is the first thing that came into my mind when I heard ‘Flat Pick’! I’m thinking…is there such a thing as round guitar picks?


marble 2.jpg

I guess round guitar picks are those things called ‘fingers!’

But just until recently, and clicking on FP’s signature link to YouTube, I never heard nor don’t exactly understand the term ‘flat picker’ either…

Sure, it’s a guitar pick and it’s flat… So far so good…

However, if you’re using the the flat pick to pick the guitar - Then you’re a guitar picker…right?!

But here, if you’re using the guitar to pick the flat pick itself – That to me sounds like a whole helluva lot of work, ain’t it?!

Just like me saying rather than using my key to get the car started to drive around, instead I’m using my car to turn the ignition and drive the key around! Huh, what?!

But then again, I’m not from Appalachia, nor do I speak it, so what the heck do I know anyways, eh?!

Food for thought?! IDK!

“Have Travel, Will Harp!” Maybe…Hehehehe!!!

I’m confused SPD…but I will put it in my pipe and smoke it!

You know, I have often wondered if its possible to produce electricity by blowing into a fan!

Something to try! (At your own risk!)



You’re confused?! Methinks you’ve be inhaling too much PFC fumes in that pipe of yours! Hooka-Hooka Hehehe!

I have often wondered if its possible to produce electricity by blowing into a fan!
I don't know whether to attribute the above to your youth on the plains of Nebraska, the contents of your pipe, or both!

For the rest of us, I’m sure we’ve all heard of those things called: Windmills!

Perhaps a trip to neighboring Kansas and you’ll run into a few…

Hooka-Hooka Mwuahahahahaha!!!



I wouldn’t expect you slickers to understand things of extreme class, but in the country, flatpicking is a popular playing style. Mwahaha and beheld
BTW, I doubt my little oversight altered Flatpicker’s condition.


Most bluegrass players are flatpickers. It ain’t ‘zackly playing lead, and it ain’t chording either…and it ain’t fangerpickin’. You just grab that pick and do it all at the same time.
Is that an acceptable description Flatpicker? That gits ye started anyhow.


Thanks for the comment on the avatar. Maybe I’ll post a link to Redbone’s “Custer Had It Coming.”


Shout out BB:

I doubt my little oversight altered Flatpicker's condition.
But did it alter your own?! Hehehehe!
Most bluegrass players are flatpickers.
So why not just call em bluegrass players, and be done with it?! Hehehehe!!
Maybe I'll post a link to Redbone's "Custer Had It Coming."
I love Leon Redbone. Whatever happened to him anyway?

Post as much Redbone as you want…But start just a’once plastering up Git er done! bumper stickers anywhere…And it might be considered spammin and a’time for zappin’! Mwuahahahaha!

But seriously and no bullshit aside –

To be fair and know I’m always willing to learn something new around this place from ya’ll –

For all the Ozark-Bluegrass-Country Cousin-Redneck Music Lovers everywhere –

In the next two clips: How many flatpickers can you spot?!

If I had to gander a guess, I’d have to say: All of 'Em!


“Have (fill in the blank), Will Travel!” 8)
59 Banjoists Play Foggy Mountain Breakdown for Guinness
Earl Scruggs & Steve Martin - Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Best

Ah see! I don’t do too much bluegrass…more of the country style, but I think I know what you’re talking about!

No offenses meant I hope!

Peace Out!


Couldn’t’ve put it better, myself, BB.

Nope. None taken. :slight_smile:

And, cool videos, SPD!