Just wanted to stop and introduce myself. I’ve been playing harp for better than 30 years now either in solo gigs with just me and my guitar or with country and blues bands. I never thought much about a forum until today when I noticed that I killed the #5 draw on the second “A” Special 20 within the past year. I’ve always just replaced the harp before, but dang that’s getting expensive, so I guess now it’s time I learn about repair and maintaince. Any help you can throw my way will be appreciated. I do repair and maintaince on my bike, truck and all my guitars so I guess harmonics will be next.

Nice to meet you all!


Howdy Mick!
We’ll go to dumb basics. make sure there is nothing lodged
around the reed, particles or moisture. The reed could need
regapping or positioning (check by gently plinking the reed).
Worst case is a cracked reed, and then a new SP 20 is probably
cheaper and definitely easier than replacing the reed.
There can be more possibilities.