How's Huey doing that?

Yea, my very first post! :smiley:

I was wondering if someone could please shed a little bit of light on something that Huey Lewis does during his harp solo:
Huey Lewis harmonica solo

From 1:38-1:42 you hear Huey play a nice clean 6 blow while simultaneously playing a 3-4-5 blow. How in the world is he achieving this? Am I correct in assuming he is tongue blocking during this particular part? All the same, I really want to learn how to do it. 8)

Any helpful insight would be so very much appreciated! ♫

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Hey Shawshank, I saw you on that other site too.
I’m becoming disillusioned there.
Huey does this simply by playing all the holes, but articulating the chord
with his tongue…not very difficult.
I like Huey.
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Awesome. 8)

Thank you so much for the friendly greetings, and especially for your assistance!

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