H'Special 20 v L Oskar Major v Suzuki BluesMaster/ProMaster


I have done a lot of ‘text book’ research on the following harmonicas, but would like to hear of experiences from those who have used them or even better compared them.

‘Hohner Special 20’ vs ‘Lee Oskar Major’ vs ‘Suzuki BluesMaster’ vs ‘Suzuki ProMaster’

Thank you.

Special 20 – Nice tone – Good bendability – You can throw it away in 6 months and buy a new one.
Lee Oskar – Nice tone –Loud – Very lineal bendability - Larger holes in comb makes blow bends easier – High quality – Reeds last a long time – replaceable reeds (i.e. new harp for $20)
Suzuki BluesMaster – No experience with them.
Suzuki ProMaster – Very nice tone – Good bendability – Alloy comb will probably last forever – very ergonomic fit – high quality – replaceable reeds