hydee hi

Newbie here. Just got my vid package a couple of days ago and can’t figure out where to find the links for downloading the bonus pdf’s. Can anyone point me there.

Just getting started. Been a blues/country singer for a few decades and thought I’d get around to learning harmonica eventually. And here I am. ;D

hidee ho back atcha nitro…

the pdf links for the tab books and written portion of the lessons come in an email which you should have received if you ordered the dvd set online…

that’s how it usually works…

i only say that because if you don’t have it in one of your emails, then send one out to jp@harmonica.com or any other email address you have concerning your order requesting the links again –

and jason or someone from the customer service department will be happy to resend it to you!

enjoy JP Allen’s best-selling world’s most favorite home harmonica course!

keep us posted!

keep on harpin’

Pleased to meet you!

Best of Luck on your harpin’ journey!


Welcome and good luck .You 're going to love it.

I’m a newbie as well and am still waiting for my package. Having a great time with the free lessons though

Live long and play hard

Hey Nitro,

did you get it? If not go ahead and email me your question at jpallen@harmonica.com and I’ll send you the link.

Your harmonica buddy,