I am as many grateful to JP for sharing his teachings with the world :) ,

I have found a great joy from the Harmonica in the past year and 1/2 . It has been a pleasure playing daily , following JP along the way . I have found the Harmonica to be a wonderful tool for meditation and conection to nature that I had not experienced before . Playing has opened doors for me through the confidence I receive when I play for others and my self . as always I have J P to thank for that and I try to spread this harmonica feeling with others . I believe playing Harmonica can benefit people in many ways and I like to share that message when I can. Peace Great for the dieter and the smoker trying to quit :slight_smile:

[Great for the dieter and the smoker trying to quit

Well as far as the dieting goes - I ride my bike and chug/play my Piedmont-whatever-key-I-grab at the same time! :smiley:

As far as smoking goes - Well, one of these days! ::slight_smile:

Thanks for finding us here, SandeeRabbit!

Hoping it’s lots of fun for everyone!

Hey SandeerRabit!

I woke up this morning… a bit sleep deprived from flying back to Hawaii from NY… reading your post gave me this feeling of being happy to be alive…

It’s funny I was laying in bed, unable to sleep, and I had these thoughts running around in my head that I should be helping harmonica players more than I am… I really want to and probably will… but the weird thing is I was actually being hard on myself… telling myself I’ve failed at really helping people… that I should be doing better… and “and my lessons aren’t good enough”…

after getting over a thousand emails and letters like yours (that express that I really helped people learn the harmonica)…you’d think I’d be in a constant state of celebration…

anyway I want you to know that your post made my day and I am in deep celebration right now knowing that I’ve supported you and helped you bring a little harmonia magic into your life. It’s really a dream come true for me to get your feedback…

I think it’s cool that I want to find ways to help harmonica players more but I’m not sure why my mind chooses to be hard on myself to accomplish such a wonderful intention…

After sharing all that I feeling a tad vulnerable…

Feels good in a way…


I’ve got my joy back!


'Sup JP?!

Great personal story there, yo! Very moving, very touching to say the least. You got the ‘kick in the pants’ you needed when you weren’t expecting it, eh?!

So too for a man who likes to use famous quotes for signatures and elsewhere - Please give me the honor of returning the favor and giving one back:

From “It’s A Wonderful Life” and by Clarence, the Angel!

[i]“No man is a failure who has friends.”

You have friends JP…You have friends!!

Thanks Street!


Er, um, sniff, cough, cough, you’re welcome there, JP!

:’( <<<<< my own of joy for my own reasons! It’s all good, bro! >>>>>

Rock on, dude, rock on!