I am new to this site

I am new to this site. I don’t have a music background but appreciate music. I purchased JP Allens bundle package and now learning to play the harmonica. On occasion, I go to jam sessions and enjoy being around like minded music players. Music brings people together and is refreshing to the heart and soul. Hopefully soon I will learn enough to play with other music players. Practice makes perfect. Happy Harp in.

good to have you join us! just ask when you need help and we will do what we can!

Thank you so much for your reply. I look forward like many on this site to interact with like minded music people. We can learn much from each other. What would you recommend to learn basic/practical music theory? Any suggestions…

This is the latest and greatest I have found that has helped a lot.

How Music Works 1 - Melody - Part 1

This a 3 part series just for melody. Check out all the others as well, Bass, Rhythm, Blues, and several more.

Appreciated the melody 1 video. I have much to learn but going to take one step at a time. This evening I went to a jam session, and most of the people were discussing music notes. I felt out of place. However, I am going to enjoy the music and take liberty to learn for enrichment.

That definitely was a great video all in one. It puts matters in perspective. Thanks for sharing it.

Hey, everybody has got to start somewhere!

Glad you joined us!


Mornin…sounds like we have the same background in Music… actually new to the site also and back in the saddle with harp playing… yup the good doctor says im good to go… so was out at daughters house for a jamming session…meet the ppl they jam with…good suppper… grandson (10 yrs old) and grand daughter ( 9 yrs old) joins also… a couple of accoustic guitar and one electronic base guitar … i hav been following jp allen and little walter… playing and putting blues riffs together along with Tom…now catch up on the practice… off i go…blues notes…