I am NOT the chosen one, but I did stay at a Holiday Express Inn last night.

Greeting Musicians, esteemed Harp Masters, Chicago shufflers, Country-Western troubadours …lowly newbies.

I am here for ANSWERS! The questions are irrelevant. I wish to snatch the pebble from the master before he can close his hand. To hear the grasshopper at my feet. I seek the path to enlightenment, a wailing 5 draw, the joy of a good, full bodied cigar for under $4 and to see myself jamming on YouTube & get over 100k subscribers!

Since you asked, I would say I am a cross between (pre-cocaine) John Belushi, Chuck Norris’s emotionally suspect cousin, and remember that guy on the TV show Nightcourt; the one that does magic tricks and dresses like he’s from the 40’s? Yeah, not that guy.

I want to take this opportunity to put the rumor to rest that I was born in a manger in Bethlehem. Actually, I was born in the Bronx. Many, many, many people would agree that my greatest strength is my humility. I would confess that my greatest weakness other than kryptonite, is that sometimes I can be a little bit too…awesome.

In conclusion, I am here to learn and share in the fellowship of harp mastery. I hope that you allow me to tap into that wellspring of precious insight that can only be acquired by learned experience and angry, self-righteous maturity. While we’re here I hope we can share some laughs along the way and If were not careful we just might learn something.

Let the hilarity ensue,

Howdy! You seem fun. ;D

Really? My probation officer and that overly affectionate clown back in 5th grade both said the same thing. Thank you.

What harp do you play Renee?

I have a Hohner Pro Harp MS Key of G. Of course after how much my daughter and her friend slobbered into it while playing it last night, I might give it to them and get another one. :o

Haw! My daughter watched me play and immediately wanted to try after I stopped. I didn’t mind as it was a cheap Chinese “Mojo” thing. It was my excuse to move up to a Special 20 once pay day dropped.

Hmmm I think I’ll pick up some cheap $5 Bluesbands and just keep them for the kids. I’ll keep telling myself that when I see the oh-so pretty Suzuki Firebreath in the glass case.

Just start a harmonica herd. That’s what I’m aiming for.
But you should still probably hide the good stuff.
BTW, I know the guy who was born in Bethlehem.