I Blew It!

I have been practicing O HOLY NIGHT a little over 6 weeks now and have it down really nice and was ready to play it at church, no problem no nervousness.
I got up in front of the church and BLEW IT!!! I don’t know what went wrong but it was just HORRIBLE! I came home and played it again without a flaw, go figure!
I got compliments from the congregation afterwards but I was very disappointed in myself.
Oh well! Can’t say it won’t happen again but it wasn’t the end of the world!
People were amazed I was even there since I had two stents placed in my heart on Wenesday. To tell the truth so was I!

Well no one can take away the experience of attempting to do your best, PB.

The usual show business adage goes: “Bad dress rehearsal, great performance!”

You just did it in reverse is all.

If you ever get to your church while its empty - Go in and play for God then. Will take the pressure off when His people show up.

There are plenty of churches around where I live. Albeit many are closed up now. Still doesn’t stop me from sitting on their steps and saying: “God and Angels, this one’s for you from lil ole me!”

Keep The Faith!

Keep On Harpin’!

Paul, don’t fret the small stuff. You are just like me and the rest of us. You so much want to do your very best, that you place undue stress on your self. Remember, the crowd wants you to succeed. This may help… who are you playing for? Yourself? The crowd? Or are you really playing for Christ?
Here are a few things that I got off of Jack Links harmonica sight that have helped me alot. Oh, but I still get nervous!

  1. Music is a gift from God to enable us to express our deepest emotions of the spirit to Him.
  2. Music is meant to be created. not merely listened to.
  3. Music is meant to give glory to the Lord and not the artist.
  4. Music is an exquisite vehicle meant to carry only the most honorable of messages.
  5. To experiance the real benefits from music, you must be on the creating end, not the listening end.
  6. To fully enjoy the benefits of music you must participate by singing, playing or dancing. Music was not intended to be a spectator activity.
  7. Keep in mind that the purpose of your music is to give glory to the Lord, not to receive glory for yourself.
    THere is more to this note, but these are the core. I have them as the first page of my own Fake Book! Just to help me in times when I think that I have blown it.

So, please trust me when I say, He was truely blessed and I am sure that everyone else was too!
Note: my wife also has stints and she was back to work in no time!
So, what you gonna do with your second chance?

Thanks for the encouragement Tyson an SPD.
I really liked the points you made Tyson,
I’m gonna look those up and get the rest, print them off to hang on the wall where Ipractice.
It was really just a downer to know I could do soooo much better and just flop on my face when the big moment came and I kinda felt like this was a good, friendly place to vent my frustration.
I do feel I was given a second chance and I feel blessed it was found before I had a heart attack or any damage was done.
I’m not sure what to do with my seond chance yet but have been mulling it over. I belong to a very small country church, less than 20 members so there’s not a lot that’s not already taken care of without taking a jo away from someone else and I mite have a fight on my hands doin that as every one is a devoted member and willing to pitch in when anything needs done.
I went to a nursing home today to visit an elderly church member that was injured and can’t take care of himself and I’m thinking of volunteering some there as they looked to be board out of their minds. I also offered to assist in a Harmonicas For Health program at the hospital for respitory therapy, not sure if they are going to take me up on it yet. I’ve been praying for guidance as to what it is He wants and would have me do but I’m not picking up on any messages yet.
Thanks all of you for the support and encouragement.

Paul, years ago, we were at The Foggy River Boys Show, in Branson, MO. At the time, they were a big regional group.

They started a song, and a dozen bars in, the lead singer, stopped the group, turned to the audience and said: “This is where you tell the sound engineer–‘Stop-let’s do another take’. Then he laughed and said, unfortunately, this is not a recording studio. Let’s just start over, boys.”

The crowd loved it.

It happens to all entertainers.

It’s good to see that you are back on track! I know excactly how you feel. I once played The Old Rugged Cross in a prison, got off beat right from the start. Then I couldn’t get the inmates attention to shut off the BT until about halfway through!. I salvaged the rest of the tune and was told it was so much beter without the track. But, what a let down. I played on through and that is what counts! And I have since redeemed myself at that prison so all is well! Keep your head up and have FUN!

Oh, by the way, wish me some skill, I will be playing that tune this Sunday morning in the big service! With the worship team! (jitters) ;D

Break a leg Tyson! (I mean that in the good way)

And thanks again guys!

I applaud you Paul for having the guts to get up there and do it…

1st time not so good 2nd time should be better and next time better…etc…

Thats coming from someone who really hasn’t had that opportunity of yet.

All though last week I visited my Mom just recently had to put her in a nursing home. She was depressed wanted
to go home didn’t think she belonged there. Physically she’s fine but she is getting to the latter stages of alzheimer’s
and dementia.

Any way I brought my harp and played for her and her roomate, I guess she liked it
because all my bros and sisters said she was in a definitely upbeat better mood after woulds.

Oh and I agree with SPD see if you can get to the church when it’s empty grab a mic and just play your heart out.

Harp On!!

Heartfelt story there, JF!

All my best to you and yours!

{Glad too, you’re finally getting out of your Tru-Value Sears van and really playing elsewhere! :wink: Hehehe!!}

Peace & God Bless!

I did just about the same thing in front of my harmonica class I had worked so hard on my music and half way thru the piece I hit a wrong note and lost the rest I couldn’t wait to leave I’m 65 yrs old please tell me it’s better :-\

When I blew it I screwed up in about 8 different places. I didn’t die from embarrassment and I wasn’t run out so I guess I will get the chance to redeem myself later and you will too!