I bought JP's lessons...

I hit a wall. I was getting frustrated and losing my patience. I decided to take a step back and haven’t played or practiced the harp much over the last week.

I decided to jump and buy JP’s lesson package. I think I just kinda need to ‘re-strat’, re-visit some things and get re-focused.

I’m already feeling more ‘energized’ and ready to begin my ‘learning to play harmonica journey’ once again.

Now all I gotta do is go out and buy another C harp since I blew out my Special 20 a few weeks ago…

What wall did you hit? (There are many :D) Be prepared, you will hit many more along your journey.
When you get frustrated, do step back. Don’t stop playing! Practice what you know, Play what you know. Move on to start something else/new for a day or two and come back to the wall after a day or so. If it is still not coming to you, make a post here for advice!
Keep that “Blown Out” harp. I thought I blew out my first harp and bought another only to find out it was me screwing up my technique. I now have an extra “C” harp I carry with me everywhere and a New one I keep with my set. If it is blown, you’ll have spare parts when you start tweeking (and you will) later on down the line.

I think my ‘wall’ was just wanting to do more than my capabilities allow for right now. I just got frustrated and discouraged. I grew impatient which also got me discouraged.

I just need to ‘step back’ and refocus my energies and I think the lessons will help me do that.

I did keep the harp. Its the 4 hole draw reed. I posted about it a few weeks ago and got some advice on how (maybe) to fix it. I cleaned it initially, thinking there might be an obstruction, but that wan’t it.

But I would keep it anyway if for no reason other than sentimental. It is my first harp after all! ;D

Yep! That’s a well known wall we all still run into at full speed! Let us know when and/or if we can help. We are all here to help each other progress!

I’ve hit that wall in so many different places its a miracle I’m still blowing a harp!

Take it easy, you can’t rush true music! Its a fine wine…it gets better with time!


I have been trying to learn how to play harmonica for almost 2 years. In the beginning I was really eager to learn and play that lovely buddy, but I couldn’t stand against the wall on my own :-
However recently I read about JP and that gave me a lot of hope that I may do it this time with his lessons for beginners. I actually do not have so much money that I can’t buy the set only to try it and see if it works. I really need to know your opinion about JP’s videos! ???
Honestly I like him and want to trust him! :slight_smile:

JP is an awesome teacher…sign up for the email updates and you’ll get a few free lessons. That will give you an idea of how he teachers…he’s awesome at it!


I’m really new to the harp, but one thing I really enjoy doing that keeps me playing is this.
I sit down with my harp set and I put on Pandora radio. I pick the music I’m in the mood for, put the foot rest up on the couch and just play along, shut my eyes and enjoy myself. Keeps the rust off, I hope.


just started playing but hay .with the lesons and a good harmonica it seems easy…

bending is easy …with his first blueslesson i could hardly hold back the harmonica from bending .its out of control now . the dogs are just a howling .

hope all goes well for you all


step by step

i think that it is not whether you have money to buy JP Allen’s lessons, you can compensate the lack of funds by playing more and investing more; time is pressure but to me harmonica is one of the few good things in life right now, even maybe more than women ;)so you can just buy some good blues CDs and relax when you get tired of playing which is also not to be recommended much.