I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOO HOOOOOO!!! I had to stop because I just hit lesson 39 for the heck of it because I’m still struggling with the single notes and needed a boost to my confidence (and show me I AM learning stuff even if it doesn’t appear to be) and Lesson 39 is Boot Camp and I’m at the point where we’re doing “Tucka-Too-Dul” starting out slow then speeding up, dropping out when you need to - and I went the WHOLE FREAKIN’ WAY except for the last 2-4 seconds there where you were REALLY booking it and my breathing got confused LOL

But I had to share a breakthrough that just helped me realize I’m not doing as bad as I thought even if I AM struggling with the single notes.

So for those of you who are struggling with a specific lesson, skip past it to the next lesson and if you’re feeling REALLY ambitious give lesson 39 a go - I’m going on just under 1 month (the 15th will be a month) of training and was at the point of thinking whooptie-do ding dong I can do some breathing stuff (nothing against the lessons - against my perceived lack of getting anywhere even with such good lessons) big whoop. I also know so I’m expecting too much too fast with only having been going on for a month and a lot of that month was staying stationary on my lessons trying too hard for the single notes.

But I saw the boot camp and thought what the heck - even the Marines (any military branch but the Marines are my heart :slight_smile: ) have boot camp so I thought I’d give it a go and even if I fail miserably with the other lessons, I now KNOW I’m getting somewhere. May not make the 3 month mark but given I’m 52 with disabilities that keep me from being active and getting these breathing techniques gives me hope that at least maybe by Christmas I’ll be able to play some for church :slight_smile: And friends and family of course.

So don’t give up!!!
Harpin’ Doje

I WENT THE WHOLE WAY!!! HOT DIGGITY DA…er DOG!!! I can’t freaking believe it!! I kept up with JP all the way to the end on Boot Camp #1 Lesson 39.

I just let out a blood curdling rebel yell (yeah, I’m a southerner living in the north) that scared the dog and hurt my throat and did a 2 fist punch into the air.

sigh I feel so much better now…and yeah, ya know what?? You DO feel better when you get oxygenated blood going. I feel better physically and mentally now. Thanks JP!!!

I’m also playing (sorta, kinda, well some anyway :smiley: ) single notes now. Still sweating 2 draw and am still bleeding on most of my single notes but I am getting it. Whew, I really needed that break-through. Has anyone else run into that same thing where you can’t seem to do anything but then you have a breakthrough on 1 thing and suddenly other stuff starts to fall into place?