I had an AMAZING time last night at a place called "Bill's Pickin' Parlor"

If you’re ever in Columbia South Carolina on a Friday night, you have to drop by this place! It’s this neat little Bluegrass Shack just outside the city. Every Friday night from about 7:30 Pm to about 9:00 PM, they have an open stage, where anyone can sign up and play, then after the stage show, they break it down and jam until midnight! The doors close at midnight, but people usually just move outside and keep jamming until 3:00 AM or later! I’ve played my harmonica onstage once, and I jam every time I go! You should come and share in the fun!

If the road ever takes me that way, I most certainly will! Sounds like a good time!


Well since all that snow there finally thawed out – And the weather does seem to be getting nicer…Yeah, just what BT says! :wink:

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)