I have a few more questions.

Thanks for the extra tips everyone! I’d just like to say that I have GREAT news. I’d specifically like to point this to Joe because in the other thread he mentioned the do-re-mi method (that’s what i call the 4B 4D 5B 5D…) for checking single notes.

Well here is the story:

Yesterday I decided to add in a little practice for the harmonica and to try out some songs. I kept trying the train chugging rhythm (?) since it was the lesson i received. Afterwards, i tried different methods of single notes, mostly the pucker method. Then i started trying to learn the Super Mario Brothers Theme Song. I thought it would be another session that wouldn’t be useful. Finally, i played TAPS as the last song i would play and guess what happened… I played Single Notes! I couldn’t believe it so i tried TAPS and the do-re-mi method. I was actually doing it! So i learned two things: How to play single notes and i memorized the beginning of the Super Mario Bros Theme.

Almost forgot, the single notes method that is working for me is the U-Block.

Way to go Ace good job your on your way ;D

Now get some harp tabs to some simple songs and have a blast :smiley:

Don’t forget to practice the major scale a lot :wink: Up and back down
get a metronome and work on your speed :wink:


Harp on!!

Wow Ace [classified]!

You’re doing a lot - Fun isn’t it?! :slight_smile:

Starting out with Super Mario Brothers theme…Cool Beans!

(Whatever happend to Camptown Races, Down in The Valley, When the Saints Go Marching In stuff when we were kids…Oh so long ago! hehehehehe!)

As far as the U Block goes - That’s how I first started. I can curl my tongue and slide it across the bottom cover and use it to pinpoint the proper hole.

Eventually you’ll learn how to not use it so much and end with the pucker. And don’t forget to keep working on JP’s Deep Relaxed Embouchure method too. I use that for my Train Rhythm Chuggings also.

Whatever works for you, works for you, Ace [classified]!

Here’s a whole list of songs JP has for you and anyone to work on as well:


{Between you and me, I still have trouble with Happy Birthday! Yeah, I can do ‘For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow’ easy enough. But I have a difficult time remembering where Happy B-Day starts…Oh well, I’m still learrning too! hehehehe!!}

And here’s some extra vids below for those who want to follow along with what you’re doing too.

As Always - Have Fun!

Keep Smiling!

Keep Us Posted!

Keep On Harpin’!

HARMONICA “Train-Time Chugging” Built for Speed: Beginners

Super Mario Bros. Harmonica

Super Mario on HARMONICA

Super Mario Bros. Harmonica

This video is what i’m using! He’s adding tabs so i have to wait :-. I would use the one is harp tabs, but i prefer this one. So in the meantime, i’m learning Imagine by John Lennon. I got the beginning part down and now i’m hoping to get the complete version. The song isn’t that hard because it mostly uses holes 6 7 8 and 9.

Now, is there any advice on how to move from hole to hole without playing the previous hole? (ex. you move from 3 to 4, but you are still playing part of 3)

Hey Ace [classified]

I’m working on something for what you asked…soon!

But first learn how to go from 1 - 4 - 7 - 10 Blows and back again…All the Cs!

Once you can hit these without misses - then start jumping around as in 2 -5 Blow; 3 - 6 Blow. Back and forth.

Blows are easier than draws; but once you have the blows work on the draws.

Skipping around will help you “jump over” notes. 2- 4; 4 - 6; 6 - 8; 8 - 10.

1 - 3; 3 -5; 5 - 7; 7 - 9. And back again. Got it?!

I do these exercises myself a lot. It really helps learning your harmonica layout!

As far as that youtube vid goes - well sorry to say, but I don’t think after two years the guy is actually coming back!

Hope this helps you too!

Keep smiling!

Keep on harpin’!

Thanks for reading!

Plus: Find songs where you have to “jump over” notes to the other.

Shenandoah, Scarborough Fair, and other simple tunes are out there.

Since you already went to harptabs.com, you can find plenty of tabs to work with!

Good Luck to it all!

Keep us posted too!

Laters, Yo!

I’ll try that skipping/jumping notes method. I hope that will really get me playing well. I just realized that he said he will add tabs last month, and i doubt that it takes that long to add tabs. I guess i’ll use the one in harp tabs.

Yeah, I was really looking for a good example so others here could play along on Super Mario Bros.

I did like the way he played it with or without his ‘late way over due’ tabs; so I went and posted it anyways! :smiley:

Keep On Harpin’ Yo!