Another not-so-Special 20 with a blown reed!! These things are ridiculously expensive for the quality and longevity. I vow to NEVER buy another! time to switch to maybe… a Manji? I can buy basic set of 7 on ebay for $290 delivered.

I’ve had 6 SP 20’s and only one went bad after a year and a half. I’ve also tried an Olive which is similar to the Manji, which I like also. It could be your tech that is causing your issues. No expert just an past experience with my first few harps before I developed my breath control, with ome cheaper harps.

I have had 8 Special 20’s for over 5 years. Not a lemon in the bunch. Sorry for your bad luck.

I’ve had mine about a year now. No problems yet. Although I have read that they don’t last forever.