I just recently aquired a Saxephone. Anyone got any good tips for playing it?

I’m not sure what kind it is. I think it’s a tenor, but I’m not sure. I would love to learn, but I don’t have money for lessons at the moment, so I’m asking if anyone could like maybe post some videos up or something.

[center]Sounds like fun john good luck ::slight_smile:

How to Play Tenor Saxophone : What is Saxophone Embouchure?

How to Play Tenor Saxophone : Playing a Chromatic Scale on the Tenor Saxophone

Sax On!![/center]

Guess if you click around long enough, you’re bound to run into the JP Allen of Sax:


Good luck!

And like JF says: Sax On!!

Thanks! I think that’ll help alot!
Thank you very much,

The best way to play a sax is to get a trumpet player to play it for you.
That way, you won’t be laughing at your own kind.
There are plenty of good instructional videos on Youteletubbie…uh Youtube.
I recently sold one of my trumpets to a great new friend, and he finds the Youtube instructional videos very helpful.
BTW, harmonicas also have reeds, and you don’t have to hang 'em around your neck.
Well, if you’re playing a guitar or other instrument at the same time, you’ll have it hanging around your neck, but I promise it won’t be nearly as heavy as a saxophone. And all your fingers won’t be as busy all at the same time all the time.
How many Spec 20’s can I buy for the price of a sax? That’s the important question.


Sorry, I was wrong. It’s actually an Alto. But I think those videos will help. (At-least with the embochure)