I"m trying to figure out something.

Am I the youngest member on here? Or is there someone younger? ??? ???

I’m 63, are you younger than 63?

I’m 53 Younger than that!!

Harp On!!

Damn, and I thought I was youngest at 102 ???

Don’t exactly know what you’re trying to figure out there, J~J!

What’s in a number? And a rose by any other name…??

I’m the following, so I guess I have everyone else here beat hands down!

Rock on, yo!!

Forever Young-Rod Stewart

Jimmy Durante…Young at Heart

I[quote=“McManus, post:2, topic:2512”]
I’m 63, are you younger than 63?
I’m alot younger than 63.

I’m only 21 months in Harmonica years. 8)

At my 11, still makes me the young pup on the block, eh, Ty-Man! :smiley:

I’m 21 years old and about two harmonica years young.

How old are you Jonathan?

That’s doggy years right young pup ::slight_smile:

Mwuahahahahahaha!!! Mwuahahahahahaha!!! Mwuahahahahahaha!!! Mwuahahahahahaha!!! Mwuahahahahahaha!!!

Harp On

Actually, no.

It comes from a reference of about 2 weeks ago when Ty-Man, Paul, me, and others were hanging around on the Thursday night chat room get together –

Discovering that I was only playing for about 9/10 months straight compared to all the other pros there – Well, I was the ‘young pup’ in the jam. :slight_smile:

'Course, we had fun. 'Course, if perhaps you’d’ve been there, instead of calculating my pup months into doggie years here, you’d’ve known of which we speak. ::slight_smile:

'Course, it’s all good too! ;D


Well actually I started playing over 50 years ago but in some aspects am still a beginner, which makes me really young. Being 70 and with lots still to learn I don’t know where that places me in your figuring. I am not a fast learner but then I don’t think I practice enough but my dear wife would not agree!