I need a new harp...

I lost my E Harp (Don’t ask ::)) and I need a new one because I’m doing a talent show type thing in a couple of days, and I’m playing in E. Anyway, I’m going to the music store later tonight, and I’m gonna buy one. I’m wondering if you guys have any suggestions as to what brand/model would be a good one. (And since I know that you all are going to say “Special 20,” I’ll tell you right now that I’m looking for something different. I already have about 6 Special 20s.) I’m considering getting a wooden comb, because I like the way they sound. (And how they taste. lol. ;D :P) So, what is a good wooden comb harp that won’t bust my wallet? ;D

Well J~J –

I still have my Golden Melody in E, brand new, never used.

Plus, I also have a Hetricks custom-made wooden comb for the Golden Melody which I never transferred over.

I did transfer out my Spec20 Bb with a wooden comb, and I really like it.

If interested, let’s meet in the locker room and we’ll talk!

Rock on, yo!

check out www.themusicoasis.com! They have the best prices going! I just bought a Suziki Bluesmaster and it was about $5 cheeper than everyone else! I haven’t found any selection in Music Stores.

Well, me, I swear by the Marine Band…but I don’t know what your definition of breaking a wallet it!!!

Do you mean like stretching it? Or absolutely blowing it out of the water!??! lol

Marine Band…but I am incredibly biased!

Peace Out!


Rockin Ron has Golden Melody’s on sale. That’s my favorite.


Harp On!!

Seydel’s man Seydel’s are my choice! Check out RockinRons4Less, no shipping. ;D

I ended up buying a Marine Band. I really like it. And Joseph, I would have taken you up on that offer, except that I needed it for tonight, and I’m not sure it would have gotten here in time. But thanks for the offer. ;D

Cool Beans J~J!

I would’ve sent it out to you post haste…

Yet if you ever need a back up though let me know…

All my sets have their Es…

So we’re good to go there!

Have fun tonight!

Keep On Harpin’!

I wasn’t going to say Special 20 although it’s not a bad choice. Lee Oskar is a pretty decent harp and you can get replacement reed plates a bit cheaper then other harps.
My vintage ‘70’s Golden Melody is about the most playable harp I’ve owned and I’ve went thru a few over the last year. IF they still make em’ as good today as they did back then that’d be a good choice too if you don’t mind spending a few bucks more then you would on a Lee Oskar or Special 20.
Besides, E is kind of an “odd” key so you might even be able to find a new one that someone bought and didn’t use and pick it up on the cheap.