I need help with a live setup

I’m hoping to get some advice on a live setup that isn’t going to break the bank.

I’m looking for an overdriven blues sound and I’m worried about feedback. Until now I have only gone for this sound in the studio by playing through various amp simulator software. When playing live I just played through my vocal mic, but I’m starting to get tired of the overly dry sound.

So the options as I see them are:

  1. Harp mic (superlux d12c maybe?) --> Amp sim pedal (Tech 21 blonde?) —> PA.

  2. Harp mic ----> small guitar amp —> amp is miced ----> PA.

My band are a pretty loud rock band so I’m guessing I’ll need to have some of the signal coming back at me in the monitors, but which of the two setups does anyone have experience with, especially in terms of ease of use and avoiding feedback.

Go with option 2. If you rely on the monitor mix to hear yourself either you won’t be loud enough in the mix for you to hear yourself or you will be too loud and nobody else will be able to hear themselves. You are not likely to find a happy medium. When you have your own amp you can rely on that to hear what you are playing and, therefor will not overpower everybody else through the monitors. Obviously a good low watt valve amp is best but even a cheap solid state and an FX pedal is better than simply going straight from pedal to pa.

Thanks for the response. I thought that might be the answer! Right, time to go amp shopping!

I got a little tweed 5e3 type of amp that is 5 watts and run it through one of these
[ftp=ftp://http://earcandycabs.com/harmonica/]http://earcandycabs.com/harmonica/ [/ftp]
Because the speaker in the amp sucks. I think I am going to do a 20 watt amp to go with the harmonica cab.
I noticed right away that when I use the cab, I don’t have any feedback problems.