I need help...

I’m trying to learn Adam Gussow’s harmonica version of Eric Clapton’s version of Crossroad Blues. I tabbed out the first few notes because he said them, but he didn’t say the rest. I have no idea how to play by ear yet. I haven’t even tried once. Well, actually i tried once or twice, but i already had some notes as a base for finding out the rest.

Thanks and here is the video:

You can buy a tab sheet from him for $2.00. I believe this is the correct one, but you’ll have to double check for yourself. Also I’m not sure how long you’ve been playing, but I’ve watched some of the video and this is far from simple stuff. Go for it if you want, but I’m just warning you this is way past beginner level.


I’m sure that it’s difficult. The thing is i realized that when i want to learn something, it’s easier (and more fun) to do it by learning a song the requires the technique. This way i learn:

Tongue Blocking
Octave Playing
Bending with a Tongue Block
Increased Speed
More that i don’t know yet.

I considered the difficulty so i considered another song. Which is more difficult:

The song i posted above



This way i learn: More that i don't know yet.

Methinks you said it all right there, Ace! :wink:

When you do “learn the more that you don’t know yet” please let me know too! :slight_smile:

I’m always open for expanding my horizons also! :smiley:

Rock on, yo!!

Hey Ace, Adam said in, I think his 5th YT video, that there are many little suttle things that can’t be tabbed out, you have to simply through trial and error find it (by ear).


Sure thing, SPD! But i’m afraid you’ll have to wait a long while.

Aww, okay then. Well, i guess is should add “learning by ear” to my list. I’m going to need it eventually anyway. Actually, by continuously listening to his video, i got the second bar/riff/thing. It doesn’t start with a 1 one it sound exactly it.

So, what do you guys think i should learn? The Crossroad Blues or the Saint Louis Blues. I like, but i’m buying only one tab… But it’s possible i buy neither… I don’t know.

P.S. Just recently when i’ve been trying to get into “harptabs.com”, my antivirus picks up some malware (virus). On another computer, it completely blocked me from the site. Just wanted to warn you.

Can’t exactly tell you which one to get/play, Ace…Gotta let your conscience be your guide on that one! :smiley:

Thanks for the head’s up on harptabs.com. :wink:

Here’s the notice on top of the page from our good friends over there:

[i]This site is currently being moved to a new server. You may have issues adding content while the move is taking place. You still should be able to view all of the content while the move takes place. [/i]

And since JT30 used to have a great site until it was hacked into and virtually abandoned, it’s a shame we can’t promote the virus infested: harptab.com anymore! :-[

Keep On Harpin’!

Thanks for that last note Spud. Good police dog!
We sure don’t need any more bugs.


Yeah ditto re Harp Tabs - virus!

Ace, I like you love some of Adam Gussows stuff. I purchased Adams tabs for St Louis Blues but frankly I had the devils chance of understanding what they meant ie arrows going in all directions. Personally I hate tabs of any sort & prefer to listen but listening also has limitations.
I frustratingly pulled the pin on learning St Louis Blues & now play it my way:-


Hey cool David. Thanks for the cool sounds.
I like the echo. The only way I can get that effect is to put my head inside the toilet rim.
Just kidding! I play in the closet. Nah.


I guess pulling the pin made it sound completely different from the ol melody I was familiar with:

Bessie Smith - St. Louis Blues (1929)

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…as I’ve been known to do it plenty of times as well! :smiley:

Keep On Harpin’!