I Opened My Harmonica (& It Wasn't That Hard!)

@Slim Good to hear it wasn’t just my thick “sausage” fingers hahaha


I agree with you @Slim about longer screws on the LO’s… Maybe you have some pull with Lee Oskar, @Luke? :thinking::joy: An extra 1/8 of an inch of length on the screws would make our lives much easier when it comes time to reassemble. I imagine the downside is that the screws wouldn’t be flush with the nuts, and maybe they could get caught on things? :thought_balloon:

I generally grab a harp in a key that fits my mood, at the beginning of the day, and stuff it in my pocket for easy access. What you say about lint and dirty pockets makes sense @Slim. I may have to reconsider how I carry my harps around. The belt carriers for flashlights that @Dave_Dunn mentions in the thread about “The Case for Harmonica Cases” looks like a good option for when I am wearing a belt.

Great advice to keep from having to open them up so often! :+1:


Hi Nancy! Welcome to the forum! Happy to have you here. And you’re right, I might as well. Just need to buy and ultrasonic cleaner thing first! :joy:


Yeah, for pocket use, I love the little nylon zipper cases that come with the Hohner Crossover’s and some of East Tops. No sharp corners to poke into your leg. The Hohner Bluesbands are the only harmonicas I’ll take to the beach. Not risking getting sand in one I paid more than 5 bucks for! LOL


Re; your reluctance to open a harp. Congratulation Luke - as they say: "There is nothing to fear except fear itself". :innocent:


@Luke None of my harps fit inside those Hohner single cases. I usually carry my harps in my purse whenever I’m doing a single song performance and a Hohner Flexcase Large for when I do open mics and gigs. And yes, I carry a full case of harps because you don’t know what key the songs are gonna be in.