I think I'm doing something wrong with my breathing


My aunt gave me an old harmonica yesterday, and i really enjoy playing it. It’s a HERO 24 Hole Chromatic Harmonica with Slide -M1015. I wanted to try and learn some blues on it, so looked up some tutorials online. Most blues is on the draw note or something i think.

My problem is that my lungs seem to be getting too full. I’m not getting out of breath, but the complete opposite: when im playing i find i have to stop because i physically can’t inhale any more!

I hear people say that you’ve got to breath through the harmonica, which i try to do. However, i find that i can’t empty my lungs fast enough on the blow section, before having to draw again. Obviously, if i play at a very slow tempo, so that i can literally breath at normal pace through the harmonica, that’s fine, but most pieces are a lot faster!

I probably failed at explaining this very coherently, but thanks for helping! :slight_smile:

try to exhale with you your nose too when blowing, if you don’t do that, you cannot let all the air outflow!

Most blues is played on a 10 hole diatonic. You have a chromatic which you can still play some blues on but it is a different set of rules. Holes and notes are different on the 2 harps. Get a diatonic for blues, chromatic is more geared to playing melody.
As you progress you will learn different ways to get rid of air like just skipping/not playing the forth note and quickly huff out as much air as you can. If you listen close when the Pros play you will hear all kinds of grunts, moans, and other noises they make while playing to get rid of air. As you get better you will notice it doesn’t really require as much air to make the note sound as a beginner uses and THAT will help you get more notes/music in 1 breath.