I think I'm stuck

I’m new to the forum but I can’t wait to ask.

I’ve been playing for almost six weeks (tomorrow). I’ve got the basics. I can do single notes, blow the C major scale pretty well backwards and forwards, I work on ‘chugging’, though my speed is still kinda slow. II know how to and can bend, though working anything but basic bends into any freestyling is hard for me right now. I can even do a slow, basic blues jam/freestyle with a backup track, as long as the tempo isn’t too fast.

But I think I’ve hit a wall. To move forward, is it just a matter of learning songs, etc? I know a few basic riffs and stuff like that. Am I at the point now that I just need to practice, learn songs, listen to and ‘imitate’ songs, etc to gain speed and progress as a player?

Its a bit frustrating but if that’s what I need to do, I think hearing it from others will help me to calm down, be patient and just practice.

Thanks everyone!

FYI - All I have is a ‘C’ harp right now. I’ll be getting my next one soon. Any suggestions as to key? I was thinking ‘G’.

Your on the right track! IMO! Keep practicing. Learn all the bends, Learn how to control them and hit right on each one without having to bend down to it. Get familiar with 2nd position and the Blues Scale. Look up and learn the common basic beginners riffs.
As far as which harp… It depends on what songs you want to copy or what key you want to play in. G,A,Bb, D are common harps to use.
Keep after it!

Keep doing what you’re doing, and try to do a bit of improv on the songs you know…kinda add your own style to it!


Oh my gosh, I am at six weeks, too, and it sounds like we are very close in progress. Nice to know my progress tracks along with yours, although I can’t bend all the holes yet-- just 1 and 4 consistently.

My biggest roadblocks at this stage are memorizing songs, and playing them faster.

Good luck to you!