I was messing around in the high register

And “blow” and behold (pun intended), the note on 8 bent a little, albeit very shaky, and not in tune at all.

It seems for me to be the Y sound (which in my language is pronounced like German Ü) that did the trick, as I like to play around with different wowels to see what sounds I can create.

I haven’t really tried on hole 9 and 10 yet, and I’d better not, or the fire department’s gonna think it was the alarm sounding :wink:

In short; got my first “blowbend” :slight_smile:

Any technique you’re working on to master, or one that came while you were relaxing like I was?


Hey Congrats @vibe! That’s so awesome. Blow bends are so much fun.

Yep I do the yuh kinda thing for blow bends too. In fact that’s the same mouth position for draw bends as well, just drawing instead of blowing.

I’m working on overblows for the first time in my life. I have one Hohner Crossover key of A that for some reason I can play them on. It’s been so fun to have 3 new notes that I’ve been missing my whole life, and then on the other hand so frustrating when I can’t consistently get them to sound good or to play them in time. BUT it’s a great opportunity for me to “practice what I preach” lol and try to let go and not get frustrated, slow down and relax more, and just keep PLAYING with it.

It’s funny how any time we learn a new technique, we tend to use WAY MORE FORCE and tension than is necessary to execute it. I keep finding myself playing so hard and then realizing I can back off and play WAY more quietly and still get the over blows.

The 1st position Blues scale is a GREAT excercise once you’ve got the blow bends:

7 8’ -9 9’ 9 10" 10
10 "10 9 9’ -9 8’ 7

But maybe to start with, since you’re kinda getting the 8’, you could try Spoonful up there:

7 8’ 7 8’ 7 8’ 7

Rock on,


Thanks @Luke and good journey with your overblows :slight_smile: It sure is fantastic to be able to discover new tones

Also thank you for the scales, they will be practiced :slight_smile: