I would like to purchase harps Lee Oska major diatonic

Dear Everybody,

I would like to purchase harps Lee Oska major diatonic. I’ve been trying, but it seems too hard for me due to my location Vietnam.
Could you please instruct me a distributor can ship to Vietnam?
Thank you very much in advance!

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Not really sure, suggest just to go on line and just keep asking if they ship there.

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Here are the best two places to get Lee Oskars and supplies in the States.



They also ship internationally! You will have to comparison shop for exactly what you want!

Now what I would do and have done is to purchase these intstruments via a friend or relative in the States. Have the music stores send the harmonicas to them. Then have them ship you the items from their house.

If this is the least inexpensive way for you to go, hope it helps!

Keep us posted, Hein!

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Hi Hien.

Not sure if you have eBay and PayPal in Vietnam (in Serbia we don’t, officially). If you do, then eBay.com would be the best place to start looking for your future harp.

If not, then I heard of so called “forwarding services” that many of my friends successfully used when ordering something specific from US.

Quick googleing revealed
http://www.shipito.com/ and

You register with them, get your fictive address in USA (actually it’s their address), purchase the goods elsewhere and pay the service of forwarding to the forwarding company and give to the seller shipping address you got from one of those sites. The seller sends the item to one of those companies and that company then forwards it to your home address to Vietnam. It costs more, of course, but sometimes it’s the only way you can order something from the US.

Wow, my friend Mario!

It’s interesting you mentioned Ebay.

JP brought that up to me in a recent email too!

Thing is, if you go to Amazon (well at least in the States) you’re probably going to end up at MusciansFriend or Coast2Coast music.

However, on Ebay - Well from the reviews and research I’ve done, and speaking from my own perspective now - Ebay isn’t always the best place to get harmonicas. Why?

Because they’re usually no-name, low-brand harmonicas that might look good, but really aren’t!

And one’s often in much better shape going to a reputable dealer for returns and satisfaction.

Now I’m not saying the Ebay stores aren’t reputable. (I bought my 2009 trumpet and my ocarina from Ebay music dealers!) However, when it comes to harmonicas, you have to be careful that you’re not getting the cheap shit over the better harps you originally wanted!

Am just saying…

I’m replying to myself, I know…

But Hein! There’s also this link provided by Titushko, another player who posted in another topic!


These are Brits! IDK - They look pretty good as well! Hope this helps you too!

Thanks friend,
I’m looking for the supplier. I’ve known some new value web for harps from your help.
Your kindly advises.

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