I'd like to try new keys and brands. Help appreciated.

I have been experimenting with harmonica for some time now and I want to try out some other keys (lower ones) I have been playing a hohner special 20 ©, and I play with the pucker technique, but I was looking to try out harps that maybe don’t have the harsh box car shape. since I have some wrist and finger joint pain, I feel like this might help.

I was looking at the hohner golden melody and the Suzuki bluesmaster, how are these? And what other harps should I look into? I like more rounded and mellow sounding tone in my instruments, Thanks!


I have only been playing about 5-6 weeks but I love the golden melody! I have small, chubby hands and it is so much more comfortable for me. I also have a Special 20, Old Standby, and some Johnson Blues King harps, but I always come back to the Golden Melody for most of my practice. I use the Special 20 for practicing bends, and the others I have here and there (car, purse, bedside) for messing around and short practice sessions.

I would also like to try the Suzuki some day, but at this point, if I were to buy more keys I would want Golden Melody.

Thanks for the reply! I’ve ordered a golden melody and a bluesmaster, might as well give them a try! I’m excited to start my collection :slight_smile:

I’ll be looking forward to hearing how you like them! And would love to hear you PLAY them, too, if you’re up to it!

Surely! I had a harp video up 2 years ago on my YouTube channel. But I removed it. I will have more now that I am playing again though :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum.
I started about 5 Months ago with a Hohner Pro Harp MS Key of C.
I’ve since purchased a set of Suzuki Bluesmaster harps in G,A,Bb,C,D & F.
Since then I’ve also purchased key of E.
I love the E for jamming with boogie & shufle backing tracks.
My personal fave of the lower keys is the A.

Good luck


I just received my harps in the mail. I love both of them. The golden melody has a broader and flatter mouth area, which took me a while to get used to, but I love it. And I REALLY like the bluesmaster, I can see myself getting a whole set of them.

Hi Dane,

Now that you have had more time with these, do you have any more to say about them? How would you compare the comfort of the GM vs. BM?

I am thinking of getting a BM to try and then maybe decide which to get a set of for my birthday in May. :smiley: