If anyone is near West Columbia S.C. next Friday, March 4th...

Come and see me play harp at Bill’s Pickin’ Parlor. Doors open at 6:00 PM EST, and the Stage show starts at 7:00 PM EST, and lasts until about 9:00 PM EST. And after the stage show, they break it down, move out the chairs, and jam until midnight! It’s five dollars a person to get in. Come and join us for some great Bluegrass fun!

Ahem… you do mean March 4th don’t you? February 4th was 3 weeks and 1 day ago.


Yes I realised that about 3 minutes ago and I was gonna try and change it before anyone posted. But oh well. You know what I mean. March 4th.

I have a cousin in columbia, but I’m all the way out here in Missery, ahem, I mean Missouri now so unless you get a video of it up I won’t see it.

Wish I could! But can’t.

I’ll see if my mom or dad or someone can record it.