If you are a praying man...

If you are a praying man/woman, I would ask you pray for me. Me and a girl are counseling this suicidal kid. Been wanting to kill himself for a long time. The girl been talking him out of it recently, and now I am contacting him personally.

Your prayers would be appreciated!

Many Thanks!

Peace Out!

–Burning Thunder

I’ll be praying. Is the kid a believer? How old is he?

He is not really a believer. He has a REALLY warped view of God, and is completly convinced that God does not want him! So i’m trying to change his views.

A teenager. About 17, I figger. Never really asked him though.


Peace Out!


Got mine, BT!

Just to let you know…

Back in the early days of the internet, when I really got hooked into forums and chatrooms – I met a young girl from Ireland. She became pregnant by her old married man, but she had miscarried. (Good thing, really.) But she wanted to commit suicide because he really took her for a ride.

I sat online with her nearly 36 hours straight; just keeping her company and assuring her life was worth living. Once she convinced me and herself that she’d be okay – even sending me pics of where she was – Well, let’s just say it was worth to go through whatever I could with her.

Shortly thereafter, in another chat room and another young girl, from Philadelphia, closer to home, pregnant by some asshole from New Jersey, who was talking her into an abortion she didn’t want…

Well, on this one, another long session that day, I convinced her to go to see her grandmother, who didn’t know she was knocked up, yet the only person she could trust – And call me collect when she got there!

She actually did. And she talked to her grandmother with me on the phone. Grandmother wouldn’t talk to me directly, as she didn’t know who I was – No biggee!

But I did hear her tell her grand daughter to thank me for getting her over there!

I heard the crying; I felt the pain. But for whatever it’s worth - no pats on the back for me, thank you very much – It is worth it!

So do whatever it takes, man!

Keep asking your better angels for guidance and strength – And may they help you and your friends!

I’d say keep us posted, but well, the mere fact you asked for help is a great big step in the right direction.

I’ll just end here with a simple:

Peace & God Bless!


I’ll be honest with you, BT —

Everyone’s entitled to their views of God, The Universe & Everything In It!

One person’s warped is another person’s sci-fi movie or worse yet: reality tv show!! Hehehe!

At 17 and thereabouts, talking religion and such is much more difficult than one can imagine. Better to pray silently to yourself asking for your own strength and guidance to come through – And talk more about how he’s still valuable as a human being, regardless whether he knows it now or not.

More power to you though!

And feel free to contact me back in the locker room (via message) if you wish/care to!

I’m here for you too!


Thanks SPD! I’ll keep it in mind!
I am so glad this community is supportive!

Peace Out!


Well this ain’t your ol’ grandpops’s harmonica forum around here… :slight_smile:

Not that there’s anything wrong with ol’ grandpops…gotta love 'em! :-*

Or harmonica forums anywhere…it’s all good! :wink:

But, um, well, you get the idea! :smiley:

Smiles, broski! ;D



What’s his first name want to make it personal.

Definitely be praying for you too.



You will both be in my prayers and I’ll add you both to the prayer list at church!
May GOD put the words in your heart and mouth as he did Moses! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!

You know… Burning Thunder is gonna look strange on the prayer sheet but I’ll get it put on there!

My REAL name is Josh. lol
Thanks much!
I have been emailing him alot, over 20 times in the past 24 hours. Making progress, slow, but he is opening up and I have had real good opportunities!
–BT (Josh)

Hang in there with him!
Your a good man in my book! Hat’s of to you!

Holy Moses, PB!

First there’s an Aaron mentioned; now come to find out there’s a Joshua involved too! ::slight_smile:

Hmm, for those familiar with following this story on the sidelines, what are the odds?! :o

Just wondering… :wink:

Much appreciated PB!

SPD: If you’re going Biblical: we got ourselves a Paul, a Jonathan, and a Joe (possibly short for Joseph)!

Yeah, well, there’s plenty of Judeo-Christian names here to go around. Kind of makes me yearn for the days of God…now known as “Whiskat” and ‘Not a signature’ <<<old timers here know all about that; ah yes, thems were the days! hehehe! but anywhat>>>

Yeppers, God, The Big Guy, Bless Us One & All! :slight_smile:

[quote=“Street Player Dude, post:14, topic:2772”]
Holy Moses, PB!

First there’s an Aaron mentioned; now come to find out there’s a Joshua involved too! ::slight_smile:

Hmm, for those familiar with following this story on the sidelines, what are the odds?! :o

Just wondering… :wink:
[/quote]There’s Aaron, Joshua, and Burning Thunder… Kinda funny. ;D

Holy Ramses, J~J!! :o

You’re right! :smiley:

Good catch!! :wink:


I have your back Josh. I’ll get my wife in too. A real warrior.
Thanks for the work.