Im back for more.

Well moving on. 11 basic video lots of info. Made about halfway thru. Need to practice that stuff now lol. really enjoying it. Listening to the radio today i started to here music differently. As I have no musical experience. Now i HEAR chords. thanks JP

Amen man! I love to hear someone say “I hear music differently.” It’s great to hear that you’re coming along!

Thinking about a lil improv this evening. ha ha. UMM lets see My dvd shipped today say they due here monday. looong weekend. Good time to do the Core Esssentials over and over and over aaannndddd over till then lol.

Making progress Boogeyman that’s great can’t wait to hear you post up something

Harp On!!

Hey Boogeyman,

That’s great news that you’re hearing music with a fine tuned ear now. That’s just the beginning of the fun.

Happy Harpin,