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Hi, my name is Sarah and I am so proud to be a lifetime member of this site.
I am trying to learn to play the harmonica, have dabbled in it for a few months. I am hoping you guys and gals will teach me a whole lot but I am almost 65 and it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks; reckon there is any hope for me? I have my dad’s old harmonica that goes back to WW11 and I mess with my little sooner dog that hears one note and goes ballistic but I am practicing so much now he has about gotten used to it. Thanks to J.P. for all his free lessons and inspiration. Hope to hear from you all. Sarah

Um, welcome! But I’m a bit confused, if you don’t mind me saying so! ???

Are you this one and the same Sarah here:


If yes, okay, no problem. If not, wow! two Sarahs means two proposals from me! (It’s just a joke, Joe! {An insider joke at that!} mwuahahahaha!)



I was waiting for you there…That’s funny my guess same gal.

Harp on!!

You know what second thought different gal.

Two Sarah’s Dude you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Harp on!!

MWUAHAHAHAHA! You’re killing me here Joe…just killing me! MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sarah, I’m new too I’ve been blowin on the harp bout 35 years now. I pick it up and play a while then get stuck and put it down a while and turn round and pick it up again a few months later and usually find what I was stuck on comes a little easier (sometimes). I’m 50 now and still playin straight harp. I can bend but not while I’m playing a tune.
I just played in front of other people for the first time 2 months ago at my church. I have 2 ruptured discs, one in my lower back and one in my neck. My neck to be operated on 9/15. I plan to use the recovery time to catch up and practice. I hope to learn to bend while playin,maybe even figure out that crossharp stuff, don’t think I’ll ever learn the blues or improv,can’t make any since of that yet.
Like you probably, I’m on a fixed income, I’m waiting to be approved for disability so we probably won’t be buyin any lessons any time soon. It is nice to know the harmonica community is full of such nice and helpful people to guide us along. I’m sure you, like me, are not trying to go pro you just play because you enjoy it and it helps you kinda reconnect to your past. That’s how it is for me. My father was a harp player, he past away when I was 6 and I’ve always heard from my older siblings how good he was and could play anything after hearing it just once, a trait I didn’t acquire.
The point is if you enjoy it play on and ta heck with those that say it’s to late. If you get stuck I have yet to find a fellow harp enthusiast that won’t offer some advice.
I think we both found a very good place to turn to here!

Hi Sarah, Hey Like Paulbunyn says if your enjoying yourself and having fun thats the most important thing!!

Doesn’t matter how good you are or how good you think you are.

I for one just try an improve myself every day even if its just a little bit.

You say your almost 65 so if you practice just a little every day half hour in a couple of years I bet you’ll be playing tunes like no problem. And you’ll still be young.

have fun with it thats the most important thing

see ya on the forum

Harp on!!

Hi Sara,

glad to hear my lessons have been an inspiration to you…

would love to hear your old dog tricks on a WW11 harmonica…Wow! What a gift…

Your harmonica buddy,