I'm tired of getting screwed over by bands!

Nothing aggravates me more than to get an invite from a band who saw me play out somewhere or saw a video or heard one of my soundcloud covers only to get screwed over.

“Come out and play with us! We’d love to have that sound!”

Then you show up only to get put on stage the last 2 or 3 songs of the night when everyone in the band is drunk, or out of tune, or just doing some random stupid improvisational BS you aren’t prepared for and the bar emptied out an hour before. That is a waste of my time that I could’ve spent somewhere else actually playing. So many times I’ve showed up at a gig I was specifically invited to only to sit for 2 or 3 hours and get 5 minutes of playtime at the end of the gig. Sometimes I’ve gone and sat only to not get called up at all and then get “Sorry man, just forgot.” or some other BS!

Another thing are egotistical players who feel threatened by the tiny bit of attention a harp player draws away when he plays a set and the crowd suddenly wakes up and pays attention.

This is why I prefer going to Karaoke nights and playing. The people are just as appreciative of the instrument and there are no egotistical band leaders dictating what your gonna play, when you’re going to play it and for how long.

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