Improving my harmonica skills

I have been playing the harmonica for 40 yrs. Mostly for my own entertainment. I play basic old country and religious music. I would like to improve my skills and learn different music including Irish folk music, popular American music from 20 to 40 years ago. I don’t read music and am ols enough I am not sure I want to. How do you recomend that I get better. Also which cd would you recomend to learn what bending sounds like and how to do it? Thanks

You’re here now, Tumble Reed!

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So take plenty of ganders around throughout this whole forum and am sure you’ll have plenty of A-ha Eureka Moments of where to go next!

But just to get you started:

And for good country and Christian music tabs, this is a great place too:

Good luck!

Have fun!

Keep us posted!

Keep on harpin’!

Hey Tumblereed!

Fourty Years. Right on!

This free video may help with bending.


Hey Tumblereed, you said you play gospel tunes?
Do you know an old tune, “I Am Determined (To Hold Out To The End?”
That was Grandpa’s tune.

BB Later Tater