"In the Pines" (AKA "Black Girl" AKA "Where did you sleep last night") on harp

In the last couple of days I’ve gone crazy about this song and I listened to many versions covered so far and I liked Shawn Philips’ version the best.

But I wanted here to share a nice video of a guy who picked it by ear and recorded it for YouTube.

In the Pines(Where Did You Sleep Last Night?)LeadBelly Cover
(original recording)

In the Pines(Reprised)-Leadbelly cover-Harp, Guitar & Vocals
(take 2, with guitar)

I hope you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Like it, sounds cool 8) 8)

Bluescats are the best :smiley:

Mario is that you in the first one ;D

That guy actually had a nice sounding voice 8)

Still wondering if that was you.

Harp on!!

Help me with some tabs to get started, I’ll learn that tune!

@Joe Nah, that’s not me…I’m still miles from playing like that :slight_smile:
@Tyson I’d like to see tabs myself so that I can learn to play it too :slight_smile: