inhaling with your nose

Hello fellow harmonica players, how are you all doing?
I had a small question: I tend to inhale with my nose too much when doing draw notes, and I can’t seem to stop it, so I end up having to much air inside me really fast, even how much I breath out on the blow notes. The only solution I could think of was pinching my nose with one hand, but I don’t think that’s the best solution ;D. So, does anyone of you know what I should do?
Thanks in advance for your help,

Hoi benmiller,

Now that you ask about the nose, I confess its a issue for me as well.
I found a article from Dave Barrett over this, I know for sure it will help you.

Have Fun, John

Oh Thank God! Phew!

Got the instant message in my email box, and thought it said somebody was posting about Playing with your nose! Immediately thought WTF?!

But yes, okay, hope Suzisucker’s info helps you Ben.

All I can basically add is just learn how to ‘reverse’ breath.

Meaning, as most all of us our trained in say relaxing - inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth - it might take some actual awareness and work to change up this pattern. But once you have it, you have it!

Good luck!

Keep on jammin!

Oh, and just for those who want to actually try that nose playing harp stuff - Well, besides SBII doing it - and it was okay for him - this was the ‘best’ ugh! example of it I could post:
Bro Jake’s $20,000 Gong Show II - Nose Harmonica

So did I, but I immediately picked up my harp and tried :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, kat, and…??? as in how’d it go and…?? :smiley:

{and sorry to pitch my own original topic thread yet again, but for the benefit of the other 1200 or so newer members who haven’t seen it…}

am still waiting for the ventriloquist/harpist here to show up and do his act for us, eh:’s-greatest-harmonica-joke-bar-none!/

rock on, yo!

I had to try this too, but I really boogered it up bad! Yuckyuck…Badumbumcrash (drum sounds).
Try this, it might help. We used to teach breathing techniques (for trumpet players) using a short piece of 3/4" tubing (very well cleaned new PVC pipe maybe…a soft pipe works great to keep your jaw relaxed). Hold it between your lips with your teeth not clamped on the pipe. Breathing excersizes through the pipe this way helps to teach how to keep an open passageway. We always teach that the music rides on the breath.
NOW for the nose part: Use the tubing and breathe totally through your mouth at first for several breaths. Then add a little breath through your nose at the same time you are doing the mouth breathing. With some practice, this may help you to control the amount of nasal input. We use this to learn to keep passages open and to train breathing responses through the nose. You would be amazed at how much play time you can get on a small breath if you can learn to keep the breath free. JP talks about how you don’t have to blow hard to get great tone. This is why we teach this. Of course the next step is to learn circular breathing so you can continue to breathe in at the same time you are forcing air out through your instrument, but with a harp, we’ll already have that one whipped by now.
What do you guys think? Try it out. Be careful not to blow hard. Don’t get dizzy. That’s not the point. The point is breath control…being able to flow the breath freely without pushing or pulling in the chest or throat.
Just an old band director trying to get in somebody’s bidness.
You know JP’s technique of deep open mouth position with the harp tipped upward should be a great way to get the right breathing down.


Thanks a lot for all you’re help, I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier, but I’m sorry gonna try the things you posted. Except for the nose playing :stuck_out_tongue:


Who would have thought you could play with your nose! I hope she cleaned the thing before mouth harpin’ it!

One of these days I’m gonna post a vid of me playing harp upsidedown and sideways! LOL!

Bro, if you happen to get too much air inside of you, this is what I have learned to do. As soon as there is one ‘blow’ note, breath all your air out your nose, at the same time you hit that note! JP talks about it on one of his lessons!

Make sense?

Peace Out!