Inspirational sounds

Hi all,
Im very new to the harmonica and must thank JP for just making sense to me and making the journey of learning great!
Thank you…Also for inviting me onto this forum, i am finding out loads reading the threads. Now, please excuse me if this has been covered and i missed it but was just wandering if anyone had any exciting recommendations on albums and artists who are inspirational harmonica players?
I have just bought Jason Ricci’s last album and am loving it so far, I also have a compilation of the old blues boys stuff called “Blowin the Blues”. I am looking for more modern artists like Ricci who are pushing the boundaries of harp playing.
Any recommendations?
Many thanks.

Hi Harmonik welcome to the greatest forum on Earth!!!

I wanted to give you an album that if you like the blues you’ll love this one even though it’s an
oldie. I wasn’t big into the blues but man oh man this album does it for me.

Not 1 bad song on the whole album, I think theres like 20 songs all of them are Great!! :slight_smile:

I think its like 10 buck from Itunes, listen to the samples on Itunes I think you’ll like it.

I think I saw a video on a different thread that had Darth Vador doing the 1st or 2nd cut from this album

the name of that tune is “Sonny’s Squall”. here it is…

here’s the album at itunes:

Harp on!!

Hi Joe,
Thanks very much for the heads up and getting back to me so fast. Gonna check it out right now.
Your right this forum is great.

Lovin the learnin.

just watched that clip, it was hilarious; nice one. ;D
Cant get that particular album here in the UK but have bought another by these guys.
Really nice bit of harp.
Thanks again.

Your welcome Harmonik cant take credit for finding that funny clip got it off another post by one of the brilliant guys on this forum sharing with us…

Harp on!!

Howdy Harmonik!

I just have to post about this girl here:

With 175 vids and counting, plus hopefully a CD available, all close to your neck of the woods, this should definitely keep you inspired for a long time coming!!

Keep us posted, eh?!

Keep on harpin’!

{PS: To give credit where credit is due: Mr. Joe Feeney posted her link on another topic, but it certainly fits here too! Thanks JF!}

G’day Harmonik, if you like blues & like to play along to it, the best cd i’ve got is James Cotton Harp Attack, real easy to play along with. Happy harp’n

Thanks to you all for your great recommendations.
Im loving all this new music I am listening too.

really good music