Hello, everyone. First post here. This might be a bit unusual, but I don’t want to play blues with my harmonica. I want to play traditional church hymns. As a beginner, this makes it hard to find instructional material as EVERYTHING is blues based, at least that I can find. Does anybody know of any material that would be of help? I want to play from sheet music, not tabs. Things like that.

Anything would be appreciated!

It sounds like you can read music, if so, here is a link. free printable hymnal sheet music - Bing

Sorry for the later reply. I can sorta read music. I’m getting better. However, that doesn’t answer many questions I believe instructions can answer. Can I look at any sheet music and play the treble clef? If so, alto or soprano? What’s the best way of memorizing the notes on the harmonica?

Things like that.

Reading music, even just some, is impressive! It’s hard to do. I suppose writing it is even harder? I have no clue on how to do any of it.

I’m not sure if you were asking me about the notes? As you know, they mostly move from lower to higher as you go to the higher numbered holes on the harp(from left to right), as you play it. If you are, I would say, “Just feel them out.” It’ll take time, but, I wouldn’t try memorizing them. Just play them and feel them. They’ll come to you and become part of you.

The harmonica, I suppose all musical instruments, grow on us and in us as we play them . The harmonica, though, is special to me. I just love it and I always have, since I was about twelve. It will connect to you. It should be perfect for religious songs.

Good luck with your music. Thank you for saying hello!