introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Joe from AZ. I bought the program from JP lst year but have not been able to start because of school and fulltime job. I’ll be finishing school this week and then will start with the harmonica. :slight_smile:
JP i have all the dvds from last year. Do I need anything else to start
as a beginner?


Welcome to the forum! If you still have the harps that came with the DVDs you should be good to go! When it comes time to learn to bend you’ll want a better harp, a Special 20 or better.

I have a Lee Osker 1910C. Is that good enough for bending?



I’d say its a good harmonica, but I also hold to the belief that you can bend on any harp!

Looks like you’re good to go, and make sure to ask any questions you might have!

Peace Out!


Thanks thunder. Appreciate it.

Joe C.

I agree to a point that any harp can bend. I have a couple Blues Band “C” harps and a whole set of Piedmonts. After I figured out how to bend (on a Special 20) I could go back and bend on these harps but it is much more difficult. I am not familiar with Lee Oscar Harps but as long as your not using a $10 toy Chinese crap harp you should be fine!

Thanks Paul Bunyun. I think I will get the special 20 eventually.

thanks to all,

Joe C.

Howdy and welcome, Joe.
My Lee Oskar bends well, but not quite so easily as my Marine Bands. I don’t notice much difference now, but when I was first trying to start bending, I found the LO not as easy to get as deep a bend…maybe that was because it needed a little adjustment. And that brings us back to the Special 20. JP says they’re virtually all properly set up right out of the box. I like Marine Bands, but the wood comb does require a little extra thought and care. I vote Spec 20 to start on.
One note though…my LO has much sweeter bends on the upper end than my MB.


Thankyou BB. I just ordered the special 20 yesterday. Should have it in aweek or so.

Thanks again,

Joe C.

Welcome to the Club, the key to success is to practice, so that you can perform to your potential.