Introducin' myself.

Hey guys. I’m HarmonicaLad55… I have had a Honher Spec. 20 since Black Firday, and just now got the “want to” to learn & make it my hobby.
Im from a lil’ country town in DEEP EAST Texas. I’m willing to put countless hours into practicing since I just moved here and do not really know anyone here.
If you can leave video links, website links, tips, anything that can help me in the comments it would be awesome.

Thanks guys!

Look at JP’s free lessons and boxed set DVD’s. Also check out Adam Gussows free lessons on youtube. Search Gussow.001 then Gussow.002 etc.

Glad you’re here!

Countless hours is what it takes to get good!

Best of Luck!


BUT…you can start enjoying your harp right now.
Even without countless hours you can begin to make some music and enjoy.