Introducing myself & couple of questions.


My name is Peeter and i’m from Estonia. I’m really new to harmonica playing, haven’t even tried one yet, but i’m big fan of JP’s videos. I received Hohner Big River C, i hope it’s good for beginning.

Here is my questions:

[ul][li]Does it matter in which hand i hold my harmonica or is it like how you feel comfortable?[/li]
[li]I’m aware of this relaxed mouth positioning like JP taught, but how can i blow or draw single notes? For example: i want to blow/draw note 1, but not 2.[/li][/ul]

Hi Peeter, I never tried Hohner Big river but I hear good things bout it you should be fine, I hold harmonica in my left hand as most people do, but what ever is comfortable for you. Getting single notes is probably your first challenge and will come with practice. When you put in your mouth and lets say you try and start with a 4B, in theory I think you want your bottom lip to block the 5 and the 3. This you will be able to do with lots of practice putting it in the right way. Here is a clip from JP

Hey Peeter, i’m also from Estonia! =)
And also like JP’s videos - those are fun to play by and learn, really speeds up the process

About mouth positioning for playing single note - you raise harmonica’s angle a bit and do a small puckering out for lips, so harmonica is a bit pushed forward, but lips should stay relaxed…And watch video posted by Joe of course =)

Hello Kant!

I like Big Rivers too…See my reviews on them if you’d like!

Also, for help with the single note, it really helps to find your “center” first. Here’s my topic on this:!-(a-whistle-goes-a-long-way!)/

I hope to be posting more enlightening single note tricks and tips soon enough…So stay tuned!

Keep on harpin’!

Thanks for reading!