Introducing myself

Hell all,

My name is Martin and I live in the Netherlands. A few years ago I bought some tutorials from JP (when he still had his shop) but I am still a total beginner.

If there are any questions feel free to ask :).

hey :smiley: I m a beginner as well…much more of a starter than beginner :)) i composed only one song from guitar on harmonica :frowning: (I play guitar…).Anyway I wanted to ask you…because I’ve bought a harmonica with 48 holes …instead of 10 :expressionless: what s the difference in that…is there a different way to play or it s pretty much the same thing?

A 48 hole harmonica, you say?!

Let’s not meet backstage in the locker room anytime soon…You’ll put my little 10-hole diatonic to shame! :’(

But all seriousness aside - What kind of harmonica is it? Sounds like something a ‘Harmonicat’ might’ve played way back when!

Oh and welcome to the forum here as well! :slight_smile: