Introducing myself

Im bran new to this forum. I bought my first harp after I joined the Army, in 1977, but have only gotten serious about trying to improve in the last couple of years.
The discovery of YouTube was a great motivator for me. To hear others play and try coping what I heard.
A friend directed me to " " not sure if this is where he meant for me to go, but here I am.
I was actually looking for other Harp Players or a Harmonica Club around the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area.
I would like to take that chance and venture out of my basement with the harp.
I think I might enjoy this forum.

Howdy and welcome, RW.
You’ve come to a good place.


Just what this forum needed…a bit of BRAN!!! :smiley:
Our stories sound similar. I played around with it for many years before I decided to learn to really use it. The harp that is!!! Welcome to the group!

Glad you found us! Feel free to ask any questions!


you did right visiting here .
you will not believe your ability…


I just found this site. And I will be at Hill Country Harmonica! I’ve been playing for lots of years, put it away for a long time and started getting serious again about 4-5 years ago. Not in a band, but I do go out and sit in on a jam when I get a chance.

G’day from one newbie to another. You joined the Army in '77, I joined in '75. Third intake after Vietnam War.

Welcome to the forum, everyone here seems very nice and happy to help out with answers to questions.