Irish music?

Hey guys, still pretty new here, haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I would like, but with all this quarantine stuff time is in abundance haha. I was wondering if anyone has a good source of Irish tunes? I have Brendan Powers book on Irish harmonica but i was just wondering if anyone has any other place or artists I could check out for that type of music? Thanks

Hi Gnmtl, fiddle tunes on the harp are my favorite! - But most of what I do (some comes from actual fiddle tunes for harp books) is to write in the harp hole positions myself , “1, -1, 2, -2, etc”. There are loads of fiddle books available (not harp, but actual music notation e.g…, “The Fiddler’s Facebook” is a wonderful example) - you don’t have to read music, just know the names of the notes on the music scale: “E-G-B-D-F for lines and F A C E for spaces”.The first I, or 2 you do may seem like torture, but it gets easy, real quick - try it.
have fun!

whoops - I meant “Fiddler’s FakeBook”