Is JP's Bundle Available as a download?

I once thought I saw JP’s bundle offered as a download. Was I mistaken or is it still available?

I believe if you scroll through the information here:

You can get either the DVD bundle in hard copy or downloads.

I don’t know if there is a difference in cost between the two style-versions; yet to be on the safe side so you know exactly what you’re getting and how, please feel free to drop a line to:

Tell him SPD sent ya! He’ll love it! :-*

Good luck!

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yea JP’s bundle is available online the prices are reasonable

Is there any difference in video quality between the DVD bundle and the download bundle? Just asking because the price is much lesser for the download.


I still have not seen a link to, or mention of, or price of the downloads. I think I would prefer the downloads so it could all be put on my mp3 player or flash drive and take it with me.

Here you go everybody.

Click Here;

Scroll almost all the way down to bottom of page and it gives you 2 options,

Physical version and online version. Prices are right there also.

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I’m using the online course and unless I’m missing something you can’t download them to play offline.
The lessons are great, my one criticism would be that if you get part way through a session you can’t chapter it to continue from where you left off.

I have just (within the last couple of hours) paid for the course and agree that you cant ordinarily download the files. However if you install the free version of realplayer you can then right click on the video and download it (there are other video downloaders out there).

I have sent a support request in asking if it would be possible to download an image file of each DVD / CD. Although this would be quite a big file (a DVD image file is likely to be in the region of 4GB) I think that in this day and age of improved access speeds it is a possibility.

As it stands the image quality of the videos is certainly not even VHS quality let alone DVD quality.

Don’t get me wrong - irrespective of the quality of the image the quality of the content is still excellent and worth every penny. However like a previous poster I would like the option to bookmarl a position in a video.

I just purchased the on line version. Thanks for the real player idea that will help. I was having problems with not watching the entire lesson at one time, then going back and start over again.

Thanks, johnpicton for the Real Player suggestion! I bought the Happy Harpin’ series and I was actually surprised that they did play on my iPad, but I also wanted to have them available for offline since my connection can be flaky sometimes. I found a free iPad app called Roadtrip that lets you save videos for offline (but not YouTube). Some of you might find that useful if you just want to get the videos on your iPad. The free version lets you store 15 videos at a time, or you can pay for unlimited.

But what I ended up doing is using RealPlayer to download the videos to my desktop, then I used another free app called AcePlayer on my iPad which allows me to browse them on my desktop and either stream them locally or save them to my iPad. Works really well.



Thanks for the heads up on the ipad apps - I will have to give them a try. I am pleased that you found the realplayer tip useful.

Oh, one correction on AcePlayer. I realized it’s not normally free. It is on sale for free right now, but I don’t know for how long that will last. Couple of other good ones are FileBrowser and Air Video but these aren’t free either.

Thanks - I better look sooner rather than later!