It May Not Just be Your Computer...

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Here in the States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are in the process of high-jacking the Internet through backdoor tactics. It’s what’s called Net Neutrality. As there’s too much to explain about it, here one can learn more:

Regardless of which side of this issue you’re on – Still as well, during this time of the year, as in years past, for the next couple of weeks or so, the world wide web itself will be especially busy. Along with the billions of good also comes the bad - the spammers, hackers, etc.

What does all this mean?

Basically, just giving a head’s up that when you get online and progress is slow and/or at a standstill and/or sites won’t download at all –

No need to say WTF?! – Well okay if you want to say WTF?! – However, the problems may not just lie in your computer.

If you haven’t done so already, well please do take your security precautions against spyware, adware, viruses etal…

Please do have a safe and happy holiday season…

Please do not get paranoid about being on the computer…{unless of course you’re already paranoid and it goes well beyond anything else on the computer anybody can help you with…Mwuahahaahhaha! Anywhose…}

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Suprized it took Uncle Scam this long to stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong and F-up a good thing. Well it’s good compared to what he will do with it, just like switching to digital TV. Damn thing breaks up in a slight breeze and out in a rain. Your (butt) is grass as far as getting any weather warnings.

Well for the past two years and two more Uncle Sam has been all but castrated and turned into Nanny Sammy – And is currently living in the White House and working on Capitol Hill. Anywhat…

I have Comcast…for both my TV and Internet.

In January, they’re switching over to something called Infinity. I don’t know what this all means. Guess I’ll find out soon enough…

Please keep in mind Net Neutrality is the good thing you want to keep. It is what keeps the playing field level, that’s what the neutral is about.

Infinity?!?!?!?! Does that mean like when we go on Youtube a video will take infinity to load? That would be pointless, now wouldn’t it.

@ GMan

I have to respectfully disagree with that assessment.

The Internet is free! It’s the world’s best free enterprise system!!

“Net Neutrality” is a b.s. way of certain lobbyists and politicos trying to get their way and control over the US World Wide Web!

As another example: We (the US) just had a tragic assassination attempt on a Congress lady and multi-murders to include a 9-year old girl by some lone crazed psycho in Tucson, Arizona.

While everyone was in shock and trying to figure out what was going on - Some other assholes, including a sheriff lawman, began spouting hate speech rhetoric claiming how someone else’s rhetoric caused the whole thing.

This was/is totally despicable and reprehensible. Anyone who has a conscience should be disgusted by these people!

And yet, still, it’s just another ploy by political bullies to bring out/bring back such things as the unwanted “Fairness Doctrine” policies!

Anything the corrupted and corruptibles use against the freedoms and liberties that generations fought and died for should/must be blocked every step of the way.

Just one man’s thoughts on the subjects…

@ BT

Infinity is an upgrade of ComCast services, including HD and faster Internet.

BTW: YouTube already broadcasts clips in High Definition.

But if your service and computer is slow in downloading YouTube etc. – Well, that’s something you’ll have to figure and work out on your own.

Good luck, eh?! Hehehehe!!!

i think you are backwards on the net neutrality SPD. are you a ditto head?

If the internet was free I would have access to it other than just my phone and even this is VERY limited!

Anytime the US government, especially nowadays, gets involved with bureaucracy and regulations of a free market system, especially of the Internet - which is the world’s largest free market system – It is taking control for their own ends and purposes; not ours.

The best description of the issues concerning Net Neutrality was/is: It’s nothing more than a solution in search of a problem. And it’s a b.s. solution at that!

Most if not all NN is based upon “IF” scenarios. IF providers do this…IF providers do that…

Thing is, providers and those involved have not done any of those IF scenarios in the past, nor do they have any plans to do so in the future.

And yet, because the US and other supposedly free governments don’t have their control over the Internet and the WWW as they’d like to – Then they must come up with b.s. ways in order to do so.

While certain proponents of NN say that providers, carriers etc. can or might be able to create monopolies on or from the information – the key words: can or might

Still, going back as far as Shell Oil Company, to AT&T, and even as recently as Microsoft – they are prevented from doing so because of age-old laws against such things.

Additionally, and not to merely spout clichés – Nevertheless, NN, in parts, may sound good and all nicey-feeley on paper; however, in actual practice and overall affect it would not.

Knowing too, the methods of how the modern US Houses work – meaning that they never stick to one issue and only that issue before moving on to the next – instead they have underhanded ways and means of including/attaching all other forms of bureaucracies, regulations and even pork projects to disguise and further their agendas within the same bills e.g. The Fairness Doctrines, Bridges to Nowhere, etc. etc, ad infinitum ad nauseam –

The chances of NN becoming law and enforced is slim to none. And even as the FCC has attempted to backdoor and stiff-arm their ways into such b.s. – Thank God, the checks and balances of our court system can/will prevent it!

Inre: Ditto Head

Although listening to Rush Limbaugh for more than two decades; while watching Glenn Beck, even back on his CNN days; having originally favored then watching the likes of Chris Matthews, Keith Oberman and their ilk spin and disintegrate into nothing more than the drek-filled soulless beings that they’ve become over the years; yet as well following the non-journalists ‘journalists’ of Jon Stewart and his Daily Show network who actually use humor and in-depth analysis to get to the heart of the matters on all sides of issues more often than not –

Still, I’m neither conservative nor liberal; a republican or democrat. I am an independent. I do study issues and the dynamics of such things. I do support various, but not all, libertarian perspectives. And this more on the side of an intelligent John Stossel, than the hate-filled deranged views and drug-induced rants and raves of a Bill Maher –

Nevertheless looking for good along with the bad of our major two-party with one minor party system – It’s still “WE The People” who are supposed to be in charge of OUR Country.

And when We the majority say no to NN, or Obama Care, or anything else – We the majority should be listened to.

Unfortunately, we don’t have anything equating to a Common Sense party. Perhaps the closest we’d ever gotten to it is from a Jimmy McMillan and his “The Rent Is Too Damn High” platform as he recently ran for governor of New York. But never say never, eh?! Hehehee!

@ PB

Internet service is a commodity, a utility like power and water. Even if you’re out and about stealing Wi-Fi signals, somebody is still paying for it access-wise.

If you happen to live in a remote area where Internet/cable access is limited, like cell phone coverage once was but is getting better, well, that’s just life, man. Internet service, just like power and water, is a specialized privilege, not a fundamental human right!

Please don’t be like those who, the day after Obama care was signed by the POTUS, showed up at their local hospitals and said: “We want our health care now. The one promised by Obama, now!” Yeah, right! Gimme a break!

In any event,

Nice discussion.

Sorry I ruffled yer feathers but I was just makin a SMART A$$ remark when I shoulda just kept quiet.
I am a firm believer that what UNCLE SHAM givith he will wait till yer dependant then take it away.
I do realize NOTHING is really FREE, not speach, will, choice or anything else. All things cosidered as freedom is really just a privilege that can be taken away at any time.
I will stop here as I am not as well spoken as I wish.
I have never received any kind of “CARE” and as natural born American Citizen that has no corporation I don’t think I will ever qualify for any kind of assistance not even if it is due to me.
Ok! I’m stopping!

nah, man, it’s all good!

seriously and no bullshit aside: no harm, no foul, and all that jazz…

i actually attempted to write tactfully/diplomatically as possible in my response to you; as i know you’re not the only one who has limited internet access, in this country and other places…

for myself, i think technology and its advancements are great – but it’s certainly not the end all…especially if it supersedes and/or replaces one’s own native intelligence…

since i order my meals out a lot, i can’t tell you how many drivers always get lost trying to find the house…

not that i live in a remote area; just that it’s away and off the beaten path just a tad…

yet when drivers tell me they were using their GPS units to find me, and it fails as my address didn’t show up there – and they didn’t know what to do…and had to call their boss to call me to find out where i’m at…well, duh?!

whatever happened to knocking on a neighbor’s door to ask do you know where such and such lives?! in all my delivery days, i certainly did and would still do…

it seems though, nowadays, people just can’t think anymore for themselves without being connected to some computer chip somewhere ….go figure!

ah well, so it goes…

and too, don’t stop conversing on anything here, jokes or otherwise; as again, it’s all good!

laters, yo…